Stephenie Meyer Explains What Actually Happened With 'Midnight Sun'


"Twilight" might have officially ended its reign on the Grand High Throne of Pop Culture, but its intriguing legacy is still going strong. Check this out: Five years after the publication of the last volume in Stephenie Meyer's bestselling series about sparkly vampires and shapeshifting wolfmen, the author has revealed an interesting bit of trivia about the much-discussed, forever-unfinished manuscript for "Midnight Sun" —a revisit of the "Twilight" story from Edward's point of view. In an interview with the BBC, Stephenie explained how it actually came to be leaked online. "At first it was quite scary, because I had had my e-mail hacked once, and there was sort of this feeling like people were getting into my computer," she recalled. "But after I was able to track it down, it turned out that wasn't the case at all." Instead, Stephenie said, the explanation for the leak was much less high-tech: "I was part of a writers' group early in, and we all would trade manuscripts, and I think someone made a copy," she said, adding that "there was no harm intended For the rest, CLICK HERE.

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  1. Still ruined it for all us waiting for it to be published!! :( so want to read this?! Will it ever be completed???????