Twilightish Visits the Set of WARM BODIES


So, imagine this. You are sitting in the movie theatre for Twilight Tuesdays when your phone vibrates. You look over at your friend who got the same email you did.

“Check your email,” she says.

So you do. It doesn’t matter that everyone is distracted by the light that is shining from your phone. Because it’s an invitation to hop on a plane to Montreal and be an extra for a movie that is an adaptation of a book you love.

Be a zombie in ‘Warm Bodies’? Well you don’t have to ask twice. Never mind the fact that the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 premiere is later that week. Never mind you have a work schedule. They asked you to go meet Nicholas Hoult, Teresa Palmer, and Rob Corddry.
Cut to three days later, and you arrive in Montreal.

It’s cold and rainy, but you are in love. The cab ride from the airport was even exciting. You didn’t want to explore the city though. You want to go to sleep, because when you get up, you get to head to set.

The set of Warm Bodies was about thirty minutes from the hotel. We were the odd kids out. Reporters from MTV, On the Red Carpet, Hollywood Crush, and MSN were with us. Each of them talked about their outlets, and asked where we were from.

“We’re the fan site,” we say.

For the rest, including more pics, CLICK HERE.

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