Ten Burning Questions about the Host Answered

That actress is Saoirse Ronan , who director and screenwriter Andrew Niccol says was the only choice for the role. “There was no plan B to play her,” Niccol tells The Hollywood Reporter.
Asked whether she was worried about how the book would translate on film , Meyer said, “No. It’s obvious, totally obvious. You just need to have the most brilliant actress in the world, and you don’t have a problem. And we got her, so we were really lucky.” She added: “When you have an actress of that caliber, especially when not everybody knows who she is yet, I think she’s going to blow people away. And then you give her this concept role, it’s like a gift.”
So how will Wanda and Melanie’s conversations play out on film? What was the most challenging scene to adapt for the screen? And where will the story go as Meyer’s trilogy plays out on paper? THR asked the film’s key players -- Niccol, Meyer, Ronan and co-starsJake Abel and Diane Kruger (Ian O’Shea and The Seeker, respectively) -- several burning questions aboutThe Host as the film nears its theatrical release.
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