Nikki Reed Doesn't Mind Comparisons to the Civil Wars

The musical pairing of "Twilight's" Nikki Reed and "American Idol" alum Paul McDonald has prompted some to suggest the husband and wife duo could be another The Civil Wars-type group, a compliment the actress doesn't mind.
"I think that is the most flattering thing that I have ever heard," Nikki told Parade of comparisons to the famed male-female musical duo, responsible for writing, "If I Didn't Know Better," one of the breakout songs from ABC's "Nashville."
"We are obviously inspired by groups like The Civil Wars. In no way do we feel that we can compare ourselves to them, but it gives us something to work towards," Nikki said.
Now that she's done with "The Twilight Saga," Nikki has plenty of time to focus on making music with her husband of a little over a year.

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