Kristen Stewart: The thinking person’s movie star

I met Kristen Stewart somewhat unexpectedly. And I really liked her! I mean, she’s a cagey, cautious person; you can feel her sizing you up while she decides whether you’re an idiot or a nutjob and discerns how much she should stick to polite, neutral remarks. You might be like that, too, if you were 22 years old and the highest-paid actress in the history of Hollywood, and if you had seen an ordinary domestic spat with your boyfriend – the sort of thing a whole lot of 22-year-olds go through, if I remember correctly – become an international front-page tabloid story.
I did not ask her anything about Robert Pattinson or the current state of her love life. Because it’s not my business, and I really don’t care! So if that’s what you want to read, you might have to look elsewhere. But even in a brief and necessarily superficial conversation, I got a few flashes of real personality: Stewart is a young woman with a mischievous wit and a penchant for murmured, foul-mouthed asides who is enthusiastic about her work and also aware that her rocket-like ascension from the little-known indie ingĂ©nue of “Into the Wild” and “Adventureland” to a huge superstar has been an incredibly strange story.

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  1. It was no "domestic spat " with her boyfriend. She had a short fling with a married man and when he found out about it, he left her. After two months they worked it out and are back together. The fact that there were pictures documenting the whole thing helped to make it a big story( and the fact that it was a slow news week).