Photos of Bill Condon receiving his fansite award PLUS the fansite/cast dinner

As previously reported HERE, we participated in the fansite dinner/edit bay visit. Here are some iphone pics from our adventures:

Erik Odom, Noel Fisher, ME!!, JD Pardo and Toni Trucks

Jack Morrissey and me

Bill Condon receiving his "Lion and Lamb Award"


The Perks of Being a Wallflower screening:
Kimmy (His Golden Eyes), Kallie (Twilight Series Theories), Andrew (Twilight Source) and Elena (Twilightish). -- And a little UC from Letters to Twilight in the background.

Limo-van full of fansites. Our driver took us to 2 dozen+  celebrity homes on our way back to the hotel. Even though I live in SoCal I've never seen any of them. Fun times. 

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  1. aww this is really awesome guys! :) Mr.Condon really deserves this trophy because all his effort to give the best for our saga :)

    but guys, I think all directors of the twilight (Catherine, Chris, and David) also really deserve this trophy! Why don't you guys give this trophy to them as well? :)