Kristen's Interview with The Music.Com Australia

The Music.com.au Kristen Stewart believes that most people’s notion of Snow White is the sweet, demure Disney version of the character (“unless they read a lot of fairy tales as a kid, which I didn’t), and so she admits that she didn’t really see the potential of a new Snow White story when she first heard about the film.

“I didn’t really see why anyone would want to join her cause,” she says. “Back when the Disney version was made, being a caretaker, being delicate and sweet and maternal, was kind of an ultimate goal. But to do the story today, I think she has to do a little more than sweep house. When I read it, I could totally recognise Snow White within this very dark context as someone really, really trying to retain light and not harden.

“Right now, a lot of female characters that are trying to be strong are promoted as ‘Yeah, female empowerment!’ but in this case I’m glad she remained a girl, someone trying to find her strength and her steadiness and her compassion and her trust in herself. You know, we rip her heart out and stomp on it, put it back in her chest and see if it still beats… and it does. So I thought it was really impressive, the darkness and the light of this world.”

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