Kristen mentions Cali (The West, Australia)

Rupert: "You recognise Snow White but it's like all her perfect qualities have been put at the bottom of a pit of mud to see if she can find them and take them and polish them."

Indeed, Sanders pushed all of his stars to their mental and physical limits during the 80-day shoot in sheeting rain and miserable mud in some of the remotest areas of Britain during winter.

For Sanders, the discomfort came early on in the piece when he contemplated the enormity of adapting such a beloved fairytale for the big screen.

"I don't think my job was any more nerve-racking than Kristen's or Chris' who are the face of it. I could have probably slid away into anonymity and never worked again if it had been a disaster. I guess there's pressure for all of us."

With strong reviews and box office results and talk of a sequel, Sanders doesn't have to worry too much about his future. As for Stewart, she will take a month's break before starting work on her next film - a thriller named Cali by The Notebook director Nick Cassavetes.
"It's hard to talk about because I haven't got into the zone. Literally as soon as I get home, we need to cast it ... sit down with the script," Stewart says.

"But it's pretty extreme in every way.

"It reminds me of movies from the 90s - weird cult movies."

She will next appear on the big screen as the uninhibited Marylou in the screen adaptation of Jack Kerouac's classic novel, On the Road, which opens in Australia in September.

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