Photos: Kristen, Charlize and Baby Jackson Heading to London

Snow White and the Huntsman costars Kristen Stewart and Charlize Theron flew to London from Paris today. Charlize carried Jackson up the private jet's stairs in her arms. Charlize and Kristen are kicking off the UK leg of their international press tour prior to next week's big London premiere. We'll be at the event on Monday, so check back for more exclusive updates!
Kristen has returned to her casual wardrobe following a glamorous appearance at NYC's Met Gala on Monday. Kristen wore Balenciaga and partied late into the night with friends. Last month, Kristen spent a romantic weekend at Coachella with boyfriend Robert Pattinson. The pair will be back together soon enough when they both debut films at Cannes. Rob's showing off his David Cronenberg drama Cosmopolis and Kristen's screening her highly anticipated On the Road.

more pics at Popsugar

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