Robert Pattinson's "Heavy Role": Cosmopolis Director David Cronenberg Praises Him

Cosmopolis is incredibly faithful to the Dan DeLillo novel that the movie's based on and even Rob admits it was a whole different style of acting:
"In my earlier films, the dialogues were flexible. This time, however, was like acting in the theater: when you take Shakespeare on stage, you certainly can not change directions," Rob explained in an Italian interview with Cinerepublic.
And if the latest trailer's any indication, Rob's acting chops are perfectly on point—there's enough sex, violence and action packed scenes to make your head spin—and R.Pattz never misses a beat.
But although Cosmopolis director David Cronenberg has repeatedly praised Rob's acting ability—calling him "profound" in the past—this is the first time where we truly see R.Pattz fully shed his vampire ego.
Rob's also lucky to have the role—the part originally went to Colin Farrell but because of Farrell's previous commitments, Cronenberg decided tweak the role for a younger star.
Cue Robert Pattinson, who Cronenberg just cannot stop gushing over. The director even praised Pattinson during his interview with Cinerepublic:

"Yes I found him interesting in Twilight…I saw him in Little Ashes and Remember Me, and I am convinced that he could be my Eric Packer," Cronenberg explained. "It is a heavy role, he appears in each scene and I do not think I've ever done a movie before where the actor is always on the screen. The choice of an actor is a matter of intuition, there are no rules or instructions."

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