How Did 'Bel Ami' Producers Deal With Robert Pattinson's Fame

Robert Pattinson has made a generation of girls swoon, and brought in millions of dollars for the producers of the Twilight phenomenon, where his portrayal of Edward Cullen means he needn't get out of bed again if he doesn’t feel like it.
So, it would be understandable if such adulation had gone to his pretty tousle-haired head, and made him a bit difficult to work with. How did the directors of his new film Bel Ami deal with such an idol on this, their very first film?
"He was delightful," insists Nick Ormerod, one half of the directing duo along with Declan Donnellan - established theatre directors with a body of stage, ballet and opera work more than three decades in the making, but novices when it came to film.

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