Director Catherine Hardwick Says: ‘Twilight’ Will Never Die

In a new interview, ‘Twilight’ director  Catherine totally believes Stephenie Meyer will write more books!

Are Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart done being onscreen husband and wife? Twilight directorCatherine Hardwicke couldn’t help herself when excitedly discussing Twilight at Sundance and you’ll never believe what she said!
Twilight will never die,” Catherine said. “It’s really got it’s tentacles out all over the world!”
But will Stephenie Meyer pen another book? We’ve heard rumors that she might and Catherine says YES!
“Oh ya I’m sure Stephanie will go for it. Don’t you think?” Catherine gushed. “They’re so alive  … the characters.”
Catherine also reminisced about Rob’s audition for the role of Edward Cullen in her home and she said he’s had a crush on Kristen Stewart before he ever met her!

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  1. I like Catherine Hardwicke a lot, too. She did a very good job with the first Twilight movie which really got the franchise going.Her female perspective was very important to match up with Stephenie and Melissa and they are all still going strong in their careers, apparently. If you have been interested just click essayswriters.org. Thank you ladies.