Bella and Edward Make NextMovie’s List of Top Moments

NextMovie is running a list of what they felt were the biggest movie related stories of 2011. Bella and Edward’s wedding night antics makes their list coming in at number five. Says NextMovie: All that pent up lust… is released in a violent explosion of passion that results in shredded pillows, a broken headboard and the conception of a mommy-eating monster vampire baby. All the debates over Team Edward vs. Team Jacob have been resolved, and by all accounts, the ultimate winners in the Bella sweepstakes are the fans themselves. It’s about time.

The Twilight Saga wasn’t the only fandom getting attention on their list. The Hobbit is listed at number fifteen while Dark Night came in at number nine. Number two went to the casting frenzy surrounding the Hunger Games and number one went to Harry Potter for reaching the end of their movie franchise.

Read the whole list at NextMovie via TwilightLexicon

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