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Alex Meraz, who plays werewolf Paul in the Twilight franchise, talks to Sarah McIntyre about the bond between cast members on set, dealing with the fan attention and he gives us a hint about what to expect from Breaking Dawn - Part 1.
Alex Meraz - Plays wolf pack member Paul in Twilight
Alex Meraz - Plays wolf pack member Paul in Twilight
How did you get cast in Twilight?
It was pretty conventional. I had auditioned for the first one originally, for Jacob and I kind of submitted my stuff way later and they cast Taylor (Lautner). And then for New Moon I was already ready, I wasn't going to miss out on it, my background being part-Native American so I knew that I had a really good shot at it.

Can you tell us a bit about your character Paul?
Paul is volatile, hot-headed, thick with pride and just has fun, just a furry furball of fun!

Do you feel a bond between you and the other guys in the wolfpack?Oh yeah, it's pretty great, we've known each other now for two-and-a-half years, we've travelled the world together promoting the movies, and meeting fans together and kind of going through the growing pains of it too. There's a lot of new things and experiences that we all learned and luckily enough we had each other to console, or ask advice. It's kind of nice; it feels like I've definitely added a couple of new family members to my life.

Have you found the Twilight fans' fervour difficult?
I have to have reminders sometimes that I'm even in a move like that. I do it and then I do other movies in between and you know, when I walk on set on another movie, I'll get random Twilight fans there and I'm like 'Oh yeah that's right, I'm on Twilight!' You kind of forget. Once you start promoting the movie, that's really when it's most hectic.
Can you give our readers any hints of what to expect in Breaking Dawn?

Read his reply in the interview by Sarah McIntyre

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