Robert Pattinson Paris Match Interview (translated)

"Mademoiselle, you ask too many questions," gives me one of the many guards deployed in the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills.One does not trifle with the safety of Robert Pattinson, 25, the most revered vampire the next century. I just had time to learn that superstar actor was transferred in secret from another palace in the City of Angels. Standing by the bodyguard, I expect to encounter the wonder of wonders, worship unattractive to become the idol of millions + Teenagers from the saga "Twilight" and her romance with her partner on the screen and the city Kristen Stewart. This is somewhere, alone, behind closed doors of the corridor to receive following each his journalists. I do not see her. Did they sleep together? It is sin to ask this question! After four years of chastity, the sequel to "Twilight" ("Revelation, Part I") finally brings them together under the same sheets, in a scene to make adults blush.
But off screen, the junior pair income XXL ($ 28 million between them in 2010) plays the card of the sage duo.If they are seen exchanging not even a kiss in public, without their knowledge. So young and so serious! Here is Robert Pattinson who appears in the background. It is late: need a break and fuel - caffeinated soda and sweets - to take the shock of interviews, his martyrdom. Jean worn and greasy hair shaved in places, in battle elsewhere: the Londoner good family nonchalant sex appeal. Between the desire to rebel against the status of "new James Dean," he said usurped, and the pleasure of seduction, his heart balance. At her feet resting on the coffee table, Hollywood: the sign shining through the window under the rays of noon. Soon it may be in Cannes for the new Cronenberg ... He never thought we would take it so seriously. Kristen, she has always known she wants to be an actress, and great. It has character, the thin brown, smaller than him in a head and four years. He, too, but it is English. The knees drawn up toward the body, this great promising teenager does not want to play the VRP and comes out with its humor.
Paris Match. Nice haircut!
Robert Pattinson. ... Thank you [He passes his hand on his head, embarrassed.]
How did this happen?
It was on my last shoot, Cronenberg shot of Don DeLillo, "Cosmopolis." History, for short, a multimillionaire who runs through New York for a haircut ... I was them with scissors ratiboisés anarchic. I no longer looks like nothing, but I did not shave ... that's all! I would have to give me a peak, I really look too trendy! Just kidding, punk style, it's canon, but I would not play it thoroughly.
After all, you do what you want: you are rich, beautiful and famous!
Are you kidding? Critics terrify me. It's like I see on the screen, I hate it! For example, I do not want to look at my records after each shot. I tend to fix my game to be more to my advantage, and there is no longer film, but the modeling! I prefer to say, "Whatever you do, you're great!" Everything is to be believed.
Not sure about you, is not it?
Oh, no ... well ... OK so I have to work on it.
Self-confidence is not it came with glory? Or is it an attitude?
This success has really taken aback. I wanted to be known, but I never imagined ending up in the life ... how to say ... an idol for young girls. Films for teenagers, it's not my thing. Not that it's my problem, it's just strange to see how the wheel turns.
What fate do you dream then? You hesitate between rapper and pen of a politician ...
I had invested seriously in the report, I saw a music producer. Then I played anti-hero: my roles of "Harry Potter" and "Twilight" were kind weird. I considered also that Edward [Cullen, the vampire he plays in the saga "Twilight"] was a little hilltop. Little did I know he would become so public. I had my dose of romantic characters.
You tried your luck in the modeling, without much success.
I did it for the money. At 14, I was selling newspapers. On the advice of my mother, who worked at a modeling agency, I landed in this environment where we won 600 euros in one day ... In the beginning, which broke out! I was surrounded by beautiful girls, I felt like getting paid to do nothing. Then I ran tons of castings, and harvested twenty refusal for a yes, making me throw on a simple "Hmmmm, no." But the hearings also, I had planted me a thousand times before reaching a result.


Tired, you almost give up your acting career, just before landing "Twilight" in 2007.
After "Harry Potter", I was rowing, I had the feeling of wasting my time. I went to Los Angeles because I had one more round, and I felt guilty of having obtained any role in America. In four years, Hollywood never wanted me. Normally, after a failure as stinging, your agent lets you down. For some reason, I kept mine. I felt good this time. I was going to play a guitar, it would be cool. But I did the worst audition of my life. Disgusted, I almost did not go to visit the last chance the next day ... It was for "Twilight".
You shot a short film in Britain, and you spend your time between shots, playing the guitar. As before, when you were doing the "horse" in bars. Will you finally sign an album?
I'd love to. I will do it with my friends. But it's hard to get everyone together, and the songs I wrote began to date. To compose new, I would need six months off. I did not.
Are you afraid that the project staff are stamped "CD of the star of 'Twilight'?"
So, too. It's annoying and embarrassing. More importantly, as I am not into the water, I can maintain the myth of Pattinson, the great musician!
Fame Can you destroy?
When you're famous, we sometimes feel very isolated. A force to be observed under the microscope in all its flaws, it collapses.
You've experienced it yourself?
Yes. [He sighs and stands up.] But I have built an alter ego: all these strangers do not talk about me, but that other ... I'm missing.
Are your parents for something in your decision to become an actor?
My father, a vintage car salesman, said it would be fun. Like mother, it has always been an artist full of imagination, but were afraid to come out of her closet. When I was a kid, he went down behind closed doors in the living room at 4 am, Elvis sing in a low voice with my karaoke! But my parents never put pressure me. I cried a lot in their lap, cried out that I hated my job. Their answer was invariably: "Resign if it does not make you happy." You lose the right if your parents say, "All is well, my boy. Go on, you'll eventually be successful. "
You are a great shy. Have you done this job to fight this trait?
Yes. I started in the background: I worked from light to acting classes at the college. But by seeing all the boys to become popular by playing on stage, I wanted the same thing. "I can do better than these guys," I said to myself.
So you chose the film to become a sex symbol?
No, I was just jealous of those who had the guts to go on stage. Jealousy, that's my real engine. In music, too.I often went to see my best friend playing in blues rooms. I see myself still tell his father: "The cow, I'd love to do what he does!" And he answer me: "You know, there are those who can do it, and others." Stomp! Two years later, I had my little concerts, too. Since it does not go a day without music, I think. Point final
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  1. I'm sorry, this is such a good interview and it's such a shame that those who can't read French can't understand it. I'm not a professional translator, but this is sure to be better than Google translate! I've only translated the interview, not the introduction. feel free to post this comment as google translate is rubbish!

    Paris Match. Great haircut !
    RP : thanks (he threads his hand through his hair uncomfortably)

    How did it happen?
    It was on my last set, the Cronenberg [film] based on Don DeLillo’s “Cosmopolis”. To make a long story short, it’s about a multimillionaire who searches the whole of New York for a haircut… they destroyed my hair with uncontrolled snips. I didn’t look like anything [normal], but since I didn’t want to shave it all off.. here we are! I should turn it into a Mohawk, I’d be so cool ! I kid, punk is cannon, I wouldn’t [dare represent it!]

    After all, you do what you want: you’re rich, good looking and famous!
    You’re kidding, right? Critics terrify me. It’s like when I see myself on screen – I hate that ! For example, I no longer want to look at the playbacks after each take. I tend to change what I’m doing to make myself look better, and that, it’s not acting, but modeling! I prefer to tell myself “whatever you do, you’re great!” all you need to do is believe it.

    You’re not sure of yourself?
    Oh, no… well, yes. OK. I have to work on that.
    Doesn’t self confidence come with fame? Or is it how you hold yourself?
    Success has really taken me by surprise. I wanted to be known, be I never imagined myself as.. how do I put it..an idol for young girls. Films for adolescents aren’t really my thing. Not that it’s a problem, it’s just bizarre to see how things have turned out.

    So what path did you dream of then? You were torn between being a rapper and a political speech writer?
    I really put a lot of myself seriously into rap – I saw myself as a music producer. Then I played anti-heroes: all my roles between Harry Potter and Twilight were weird. I considered Edward (Cullen, the vampire he plays in the Twilight saga) to be a bit.. unstable/different. I was far from thinking that he’d become so huge/popular. I’m not really into (had my dose of) romantic roles.

    You tried your luck in modeling, without much success.
    I did it for money. At 14 (years of age), I sold newspapers. On my mum’s advice (she worked at a modeling agency), I rocked up into a world where people earned 600 euros in a day… At the start, it was like.. what a blast! I was surrounded but beautiful girls, it was like I was being paid to do nothing. Then I went thought tons of castings, and was rejected 20 times to hear one yes – they’d reject me with a “mmmh, no”. But with auditions as well, I had to show up to a thousand before getting one (proper) job.

    Quote: “At school, I was just jealous of the people who had the guts to get on stage. Jealousy, that’s my real motive.”

    Fed up, you almost gave up your acting carrier just before landing “Twilight” in 2007.
    After Harry Potter, I worked like a dog, but I had the feeling that I was wasting my time. I went to LA because I was broke, and because I felt guilty/ashamed that I hadn’t found a job in America. In those 4 years, Hollywood had never wanted me. Normally, after such a stinging failure, your agent lets you go. For some reason that I’ll never understand, mine kept me. I felt better, this time. I was going to play a guitarist, it would be cool. But I gave the worst audition of my life. Sickened, I almost didn’t go to the last-chance meeting the next day…for Twilight.

  2. You shot a short-film in Britain, and you spent your time between takes playing the guitar. Just like when you had gigs/’jammed’ in bars. Are you going to finally make an album ?
    I would love to. I’ll do it with my friends. But it’s hard to get everyone together, and the songs that I’ve written are starting to get old. To write new ones, I’ll need 6 months off. I don’t have 6 months.

    Are you scared that such a personal project will be labelled the CD from the star of Twilight ?
    Yeah, that as well. It’s irritating and annoying/awkward. But above all, as long as I haven’t taken the plunge, I can still entertain the idea of Robert Pattinson, the great musician!

    Can fame destroy you?
    When you’re famous, you feel extremely lonely sometimes. Being constantly scrutinized (with all the flaws of a magnifying glass), you can breakdown.

    Have you experienced this yourself?
    Yes. (he breathes in and sits up straight) but I made myself an alter ego: all those people aren’t talking about me, it’s this other guy.. who’s separate from me.

    Did you parents influence you in your decision to become an actor?
    My dad, a vintage car salesman, said that it’d be fun. Like my mum, he has always been an artist with lots of dreams, but he never dared to give it a go. When I was a kid, he’d sneak downstairs to the living room, at 4 in the morning and whisper Elvis songs with my karaoke! But my parents never put pressure on me. I’ve cried heaps to them, crying that i hated my job. Their reply was always, “Quit if it doesn’t make you happy.” You lose reason if your parents tell you: “everything’s ok, son. Continue, and you’ll succeed”

    You’re a rather shy person. Did you get into acting to get out of this character trait?
    Yes. I started backstage: I looked after the lighting in the drama classes at school. But then, after seeing all these guys become popular for performing on stage, I wanted the same thing. I told myself, “I can do better than those guys can.”

    Did you choose movie-making to become a sex symbol?
    No, I was just jealous of the people who had the guts to get on stage. Jealousy, that’s my real motive. In music as well. I often went to see my best friend play in Jazz/blues places/bars. I can still see myself saying to his dad, “Wow, I would love to do what he does!” and he said to me, “you know, there are those who can, and then there are the others.” I was seething! Two years later, I had my own little concerts. Since then, not a day passes that I don’t think of music.