Kristen Stewart's Twilight Toilet Talk

Kristen Stewart had to keep a swear jar on the set of 'The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn - Part 1' to curb her 'Tourettes'.
The 21-year-old actress' character Bella Swan becomes a mother in the latest instalment of the vampire franchise, so she had a lot of scenes with a young child, leading her to make an extra - although not entirely successful - effort not to use curse words.
She told Empireonline.com: 'I have, like, Tourette's syndrome. I get so mad sometimes if I can't get something. I have a child in Breaking Dawn and I constantly swear, so there is a swear jar on set that just I ended up paying into.
'Every single time she'd go, 'I know what you just said!' and I'd say, 'No, you didn't! You didn't hear that!' '

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