Kristen Stewart Talks Breaking Hearts and 'Breaking Dawn'

Twilight is almost over. In the first part of the final film, Breaking Dawn part 1, Kristen Stewart's Bella marries vampire Edward, loses her virginity, gives birth to vampire-human hybrid, and turns into a vampire. Just thinking about it is exhausting. Kristen talks about shooting so many milestone, and how she is coping with the end of a series that she has spent the last five years with.

We've heard that you had a schizophrenic go of shooting both Breaking Dawns together. Virgin in the morning, pregnant bride in the afternoon, vampire at night. Can you talk about the trials and tribulations of shooting like that?
Shooting two movies at the same time, completely out of sequence, it wasn't something we were initially concerned about. I think what that gave me was... [Bella] is always looking into the future and thinking about what she is going to achieve and ultimately, in this movie, she does get everything she wants. Either that or she is feeling bad about Jacob or what her family thinks... she is very much in her own head. Basically what I'm saying is that being able to play a vampire, a human, a pregnant woman - sometimes literally on the same day or in the same week - actually helped remind me... everything felt more important and more relevant to me. Everything felt very close. I think if we had done it more systematically, it wouldn't have been the same. Everything was happening all at once. It was so overwhelming that it was good - it gave me that energy every day.

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