Bryce Dallas Howard & Ron Howard on Short Films

"When Ron and his daughter Bryce Dallas Howard premiered their new short film, "when you find me," at New York's American Museum of Natural History earlier this month, it wasn't exactly the typical opening night for a new project by an Oscar winner and an A-list young actress.

There were no high-powered producers, Hollywood moneymen or famed screenwriters to be seen on the red carpet. Instead, eight decidedly un-Hollywood photographers who happened to take a chance on an Internet contest stood in groups, excitedly taking in the moment. And they'd earned it: their photos, chosen from over 96,000 entries to Canon's Project Imagination contest, had formed the basis of the film, which was produced by Ron and directed by Bryce.

Beginning in June, the camera company had called for entries in eight different categories, with the promise that, once Ron picked winners from a narrowed list, those selected would be used to inspire a short film. Ron approached filming, which took place in September and October, with a mixture of excitement and trepidation."

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