Ashley Greene Talks 'Breaking Dawn' Secrets, 'Pan Am,' and Getting 'Olivia Twisted'

With the beginning of the end of the vampire saga in theatres now, the actress reflects on the experience and discusses what's to come for her career.

As with any film series based on novels with a rabid fan base, the responsibility must weigh heavily on an actress. For 24-year-old Greene, that seems especially true.
“This was my first real job as an actor and in a million years, I never could have dreamed up what Twilight would become."

Can you describe the lengths the production went to in order to keep Bella's wedding dress under wraps?
Greene: We were literally under wraps! All of us, but most importantly Kristen, wore sacks when we were shuttled to and from the set. There were helicopters and paparazzi everywhere -- it was a massive covert operation to keep it all a secret!

How's your recently announced Pan Am role different from what you've done before? What's Michael Mosley [who plays co-pilot Ted Vanderway] like to work with?

Greene: Pan Am is my first experience shooting an arc on a television series. TV is very different from film, so I'm enjoying that new experience. And I've never played a character from the 60s before. It's a fascinating role to step into, experiencing everything from the wardrobe to the political and social issues of that era. So far, I've only shot a couple scenes with Michael, but he's fantastic to play opposite of, and was very welcoming to the new girl!

What kind of role would you like to do?

Greene: There's no one specific role I'd love to do because I'm excited by the prospect of diversifying my roles. In Butter, I got to dabble in comedy for the first time, and in Olivia Twisted, the film I just signed onto, I'm jumping headfirst into a darker, grittier, more action-packed role. The most important thing to me when choosing a role is finding a connection to the character and the story. Other than that, I'm open to whatever comes my way!

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