Aimee Teergarden and Jackson Rathbone Talk 'Aim High'

TeenTV is in a famous hotel right off Rodeo Drive to chat with the hot stars of the high school “spy” web series “Aim High”. The show has a great pedigree. It’s produced by action-meister McG of the Charlie’s Angels films and stars Twilight’s Jasper, cute Jackson Rathbone with Prom’s Aimee Teegarden as the object of his desire.  

Story goes: A teen guy is living a double life; he’s struggling with high school by day and is a government agent by night. Nick Green (Jackson) is a junior and he’s one of only 64 highly-trained teen operatives. (Hey, our adult agents are over-committed all over the world. The U.S. needed teens to fill the gap). Nick, a very cute but secretly deadly nerd type, is hot for Amanda (Aimee), the quirky, edgy chick who is reluctantly dating a school jock.  Sounds somewhat standard but this isn’t your ordinary teen series. We’ll let the stars tell you about it. The show starts Oct. 18th on cambio.com and Facebook. 

On entering the interview room we are drawn to Jackson’s bright, trendy cobalt blue shirt which totally matches Aimee’s bright blue heels. She’s in black and he’s in grey. Their stylist has a great coordination gene.  The two have been doing TV interviews and the hairdresser is primping up Jackson’s “do”.  We comment on his shirt.

Jackson: I really love this shirt.

TeenTV: You guys have been here all day and I’ll bet you’re tired.
Jackson: Yeah, but I like this hotel (the famous Beverly Wilshire where the classic film Pretty Woman was shot). I’m staying here tonight. I’m gonna go around asking random people if they want to ask me questions.

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