Melissa Rosenberg Weighs In On The 'Breaking Dawn' Trailer

The Ministry of Gossip went straight to the source to get insight on the latest full 'The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn' trailer.....they spoke with screen writer Melissa Rosenberg.  They wanted her take on how the new trailer turned out:

What you never expected to see: If some footage surprises fans, or doesn't conjure memories from Meyer's books, Rosenberg understands. "I think fans may be a little freaked out. There's some conflict with the wolves that they may not remember -- there's a lot of conflict in the book that's resolved with a conversation and we only hear about it. For this movie I was able to play off of that," she said.

The horror: Robert Pattinson's previous comments that Bill Condon was making a horror movie were ominous, and the trailer in fact reflects terrible times ahead for the residents of Forks, Wash. "We're beginning to get into the second half of the film, which turns more into a horror story. The images of Bella -- trust me, it only gets more intense," Rosenberg says.

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