Record Rebellion Reviews Sam Bradley's Zuni Album

"Twenty five year old singer/songwriter Sam Bradley may not be on everyone’s playlist (yet), but this artist is certainly gaining notice in the music industry, and his ever-growing audience will tell you that he’s definitely one to look out for.

In November 2010, Bradley unveiled (to an eager base of listeners) Zuni, his second album. Named after a town in New Mexico that he and his friends visited, Zuni not only showcases Bradley’s talent, but also his memories, his emotions and his growth as an artist.

No song on the album is like another, which is why it truly is the perfect life soundtrack, especially for those going from youth to adulthood, and those needing a break from the mundane repetitive nature of most albums on the market.
Bradley’s “Lights” features a rollicking rhythm at the onset, which is something straight out of a western. Paired with drums, bass and guitar, Bradley’s gritty voice is like that of a cowboy riding into a small shanty town at sunset, ready to take on any outlaw in his way. The “lights” to which Bradley refers are perhaps a reference to fame, or the the cities in which people make it as musicians; regardless, it is evident by the end of the song that the speaker longs for a simple life where all he needs are the ones he loves. The instruments are perfectly layered and just as they build strength, so does Bradley’s vocals, mirroring his refusal to give into the “lights”."

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