HILARIOUS!!! Edward Cullen In His Birthday Suit Through The Years

Okay, okay. We admit that headline is a bit misleading, however factually accurate it may be. But it made you look, right?

June 20 is indeed Edward's special day—the perpetual 17-year-old turns the ripe old age of 110 years old. Born Edward Anthony Masen on June 20, 1901, in Chicago, the "Twilight" character has been witness to many life-changing events over his century-plus. Prohibition, the Great Depression, World War II, the lunar landing—he's seen it all. And, regrettably, fallen victim to more than a few fashion fads along the way.

In honor of Edward's birthday, we decided to take a look back at his sartorial sense (using alter ego Robert Pattinson as a model, natch), from the roaring '20s to the present day. Feast your eyes and let us know what you think!


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