'Water for Elephants... again' by X

'Not that I have to ask but I'm going to anyway, how beautiful is Water for Elephants? I just saw it for the second time tonight (NZST) and it really does get better with each viewing.

The soft golden light playing on the grimy faces of the actors makes it feel like you are sitting at an intimate candlelit table instead of a packed movie theatre. The music acts like a lullaby, slowly drifting in and out of each scene, hardly perceptible yet oh so important - unlike the crunching of popcorn and slurping of sodas. The visceral beauty almost feels like a punch in the face but you instantly forgive it as you are swept up into the epic story unravelling before your eyes.

I truly believe that there hasn't been a movie like this in a long time, one that takes you through each major emotion before you can even register it. It's a project that everyone who worked on it can be proud of, a new classic which will garner even more fans - if possible - for Rob.

I just had to share and gush and rant and rave.

Am I just feeling the honeymoon glow? What do you think?'

X - Twilightish Blogger

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