Michael Sheen's Dramatic Reading of 'Twilight' Fan Fic!!


If you’re a fan of Twilight  (ah DUH) or Edward and Bella or Tony Blair or Frost and/or Nixon, then you’re most familiar with actor Michael Sheen, who stopped by VH1s Big Morning Buzz Live to discuss, among other things, his role in the Woody Allen movie Midnight in Paris and his turn as King Aro in the upcoming Breaking Dawn.

When we heard that Michael Sheen was coming in to our studio, we knew there was only one thing we wanted, no, needed him to do while here: Read aloud some devastatingly romantic RPattz and KStew fan fic found on, where else, the internet. Sheen obliged without any hesitation, and what we were given…. was magic.

And here it is, now, for the world to watch again and again and again. It’s Michael Sheen, reading a sexual fantasy essay called “Unexpected Circumstances.” The author of this piece is a regular Shakespeare of our time Twilight fan fic, a mysterious lady who goes by Savage7289. We thank her and Michael for giving us this gift.

Best Week Ever TV Via Michelle Collins Via RPN

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  1. Wow, that was hilarious! I'm surprised he was able to keep a straight face while reading such maudlin, purple prose, but the British have always been aces at deadpan sarcasm and mockery--and that's what he was doing, mocking out one of the many insipid Suvian fanfics out there. The laughter in the studio was a clue, as was the undercurrent of dry British sarcasm.