EXCLUSIVE: Twilightish Interview with Judi Shekoni (@judishekoni)

Twilightish caught up with Twilight Newcomer Judi Shekoni (Zafrina) this week!!  Read on to hear what she had to say about Breaking Dawn!

Twilightish: Being a newcomer to the 'Twilight Saga', how was it joining this tight group of friends?

Judi: I didn't know what it would be like coming into a movie where people had already shot 3 films. It's amazing. They have new people coming into every film, they're used to it. It was great working with people who are established and know what is going on.

Twilightish: The Famous Fandom Question: Did you read the books or see the movies before you went for the part of Zafrina? If so, were you a fan of the series before?

Judi: I was already a big fan of Twilight. Waited for each book to be released, and read all four years ago. I knew about the project (film). I was a fan from the beginning when Kristen was announced as Bella. I love the series.

Twilightish: Zafrina is part of the Amazon clan with her two sisters, did you guys find instant chemistry on set?

Judi: I spent a lot of time working with Tracey Heggins (Senna),  people even thought we were sisters in real life! We hung out in hotel rooms, went to lunch and dinner with each other, became inseparable during the course of filming. We still call or speak with each other now, we definitely bonded really well! Being part of a coven made you part of a team.

Twilightish: Would you like to see spin off movies for the Saga? Perhaps an Amazon Coven movie?

Judi: I'd love to! I think they should defintely do an Amazon spin off. I'd LOVE to be a part of it. On screen or anything else. I hope people identify with the character. I put my heart and soul into it and want people to relate to it. I hope the work we put into it will transfer onto the big screen.

Twilightish: Zafrina possesses a special power, would you want her power in real life?

Judi: Everyone wants a power. I'd like to have her power in real life. It's not something everyone can see outside of the person she's doing it to.

Twilightish: Do you have a favorite moment from your time on set? Either on camera or off?

Judi: Squamish was my favorite place to shoot, it was beautiful outdoors. My best friend actually came to see me during the filming, she said "WOW it looks just like you'd imagine Forks. Peaceful. Tranquil."

Twilightish: How was this experience different from some of the other projects you've worked on?

Judi: Every project is different. It means something to the fans because it is also a book.  People can go "YAY" or "NAY" because of how the character is in the book. It's scary because you just say the name 'Twilight' and everyone knows what it is as soon as you say it, even though no one has seen Breaking Dawn yet.  It's the biggest job I've had in my life with incredible actors and I'm so pleased that I'm in a position to do it.

Twilightish: If you could (or did) take one prop or costume piece of Zafrina, what would it (or what was it) and why?

Judi: Contact lenses! I'd wear them at night and scare people! You really can't stop staring at yourself. Makes me less me and more of the character. I felt more animal. More in character.

Twilightish: Is there something, either a movie project or perhaps live theater that you are dying to do?

Judi: I'd LOVE to do live theater. I just went to broadway, so I'd would love to do some theater. I love sci-fi and playing crazy characters. More characters like Twilight/Zafrina would be nice. Would love to do a younger version of Frankie and Johnny, that would be ideal!

Twilightish: Is there anyone you are really hoping to work with?

Judi: Ryan Gosling! He's the best out there right now, I saw 'Blue Valentine' and loved it!! Also, Joseph Gordon Levitt and James Franco. I need a tall guy since I'm pretty tall myself!

Twilightish: Do you have other projects on the horizon?

Judi: I'm not committed to anything right now. I'm reading some projects on my kindle, but nothing that's sparked my interest yet. I went to New York City and I just got back to Los Angeles, so i'm doing some auditions. Nothing I can talk about just yet!

We're super excited to see Judi Shekoni in Breaking Dawn and any other upcoming projects!!  We'd like to thank Judi for taking the time to speak with us, she was just a doll!

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