New Poster For Ashley's 'Skateland'

Hitting theaters May 13th, the new coming of age film Skateland has been making its rounds on the festival circuit for the last several months and now has a new poster. Just like Twilight's Kristen Stewart paid her coming of age drama genre dues by starring in Adventureland with Ryan Reynolds and Jesse Eisenberg, her co-star Ashley Greene is taking her turn in director Anthony Burns's film about disenchanted youth escaping the bubble of security that adolescence creates along with Shiloh Fernandez, Heath Freeman, Brett Cullen, and Taylor Handley.
For the poster, an official synopsis and the trailer for Skateland, hit the jump.
Here's the official synopsis for Skateland:

"Skateland, set against the landscape of upstart malls, Jordache jeans and iconic hang outs, is as much a story about embracing who you are as it is about moving on. The personal drama marks the poignant transition of a group of high school friends into adulthood. Set in the early 1980s, in small town Texas, it is genuine, touching and candid snapshot of the lives of a close-knit group of friends who are confronted with the realities of the precarious world around them. The film revolves around a charismatic young skating rink manager named Ritchie Wheeler (Shiloh Fernandez), brother and sister Brent and Michelle Burkham (Heath Freeman, Ashley Greene) and the legendary, wise-cracking, Kenny Crawford (Taylor Handley) as their dreams and carefree lives start to fade into an uncertain future."

Read more and see the trailer here

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