Is Kristen Stewart an Outsider?

Is Kristen Stewart an "outsider"?

April 15, 2011 10:55 AM EDT
Breaking Dawn actress Kristen Stewart is being called an "outsider." It's not by her fans or her haters... it's by her director of On the Road, her new flick. However, director Gerald Nicosia wasn't singling her out, nor was he trying to insult her. In fact, it was kind of a compliment.

"They're all very unconventional in their own lives. If you're an outsider, you understand what counterculture is about," he explained. On the Road is all about counterculture, and Nicosia needed to find people who just got it. Evidently Kristen Stewart got it and she was technically the star of the show.

Many people would agree that Stewart is an outsider. She's very bland (in a good way), awkward, and unconventional, which was necessary to take part in On the Road. Her characteristics also helped her play Bella Swan in The Twilight Saga because she needed to exemplify someone who just didn't fit in right.


  1. The people in the business who really matter get just how great Kristen is as an actress. I absolutely love her performances. This is what she cares about...not whether you like her as a person, but if her interpretation of the character moves you...whether it be good or bad. She is true to her work. We love you, Kristen. Keep going...don't look back and most of all, don't listen to the "haters". They are just jealous!!!

  2. She's young ,beautiful, talented and true she has her own standards and doesn't deviate to suit the masses. Don't ever change Kristen.