Carlisle Cullen Ranked #2 On The Forbes Fictional 15 Of 2011 (see PFach's tweet about it!)

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Carlisle Cullen

$36.2 B
  • Source: Compound Interest, Investments
  • Residence: Forks, Wash.
Immortal vampire, small town doctor and value investor said to be a huge fan of getrichslowly.org, a penny-pinching personal finance blog that extols the extraordinary power of compound interest. It’s worked for Cullen: The fresh-faced 370-year-old undead monster amassed one of the largest fictional fortunes largely simply by banking a small amount of capital in 1670, and letting the interest accrue. Early investor in Wal-Mart, Google thanks to prescient advice from adoptive daughter Alice, who can see into the future. Featured in Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight novels and films.
Fast Facts
  • Holds significant stake in blood reagent manufacturer Immucor (NASDAQ: BLUD)
  • Once was investigated by the FDA for peddling facial cream that claimed to make “your skin sparkle”

LOVE how he gets into it!

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