Noel Fisher On Going Vampire

In addition to Shreveport you also filmed in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, which is also where you recently shot part of Breaking Dawn, isn’t it?

Yes! Louisiana is a really fun place to shoot. The people in Louisiana — I had to spend another two months there for Breaking Dawn — they’re just so friendly! I was staying at the Hilton downtown in Baton Rouge and all the people that worked there remembered all the boys from Battle: Los Angeles. They welcome you back home, like family.

And as we speak you’re now literally on your way to Vancouver, your home town?

Born and raised! And this is the first time since I moved to Los Angeles that I’ve gotten to go back home for work, which is going to be nice. I’ve just never booked anything that’s worked out of Vancouver. It’s a nice way to go home!

Does that mean you get to bring your cast mates over to your parents’ home for house parties and show them around town?

[Laughs] I’ve been asked for some good restaurant locations and stuff like that, so hopefully I won’t disappoint.

Your character in Breaking Dawn is an ancient Romanian vampire. What was your approach to the character of Vladimir when you auditioned?

I read the book, re-watched the movies. I watched some other vampire movies and really tried to immerse myself in the Twilight world and this idea of being so ancient. I play a vampire that’s very old.

It seems as though this kind of character would offer a new challenge especially to a young actor, in that you get to play a very, very old soul. Vladimir has been around for centuries and has even ruled the vampire world.

Again, the script was done in a really great way, and Stephenie [Meyer] wrote the characters in a great way so that they are quite different from the rest of the vampires we’ve seen. They come from a much more vicious, kind of ruthless period of time. He’s been a lot of fun to play.

Vladimir has a Romanian vampire buddy, Stefan. Is it fair to call them hetero vampire life partners, a la Jay and Silent Bob?

Yes! Well, they’re kind of brothers in arms, that’s how I would describe it. They’re the only two remaining Romanian vampires left, I believe, so they are kind of brothers in their need for vengeance and that’s what keeps us going.

Your character, Vladimir, interacts a bit with the Renesmee character in Breaking Dawn, who’s played by Mackenzie Foy —

Who is awesome, by the way. She is fantastic. She’s just a beautiful little soul, and she’s going to be awesome. I can’t wait for everyone to get to meet her.

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