IMPORTANT UPDATE: Helping Kids Today For Kristen Stewart's Birthday.

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To celebrate Kristen Stewart's birthday on April 9th, Twilightish, PattzStewGlobal and the Saturday Sites  have joined together to raise money for Covenant House, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping child runaways get off the streets.

In her recent Vogue interview, Kristen said that "Her plan is to find a way to help teenage runaways get back on their feet, a subject close to her heart after her role in Welcome to the Rileys." What better birthday present than to help fulfill Kristen's wish.

38 other sites & counting have joined in our efforts and will be promoting this project with us until April 9th, Kristen's birthday, at which point all funds raised will be given to Covenant House in Kristen Stewart's name.

We'd love to have you participate with us in this event by adding a widget to your site, donating and encouraging others to do the same.

To donate click the yellow 'Donate' Button shown on the above widget.

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The Saturday Sites


We have learned from Covenant House that everything we raise up to March 31st will be matched twice. That means $5.00 = $15.00, $10.00 = $30.00, $25.00 = $75.00, $100 = $300.00 etc...

In order to make sure our donations get matched we must send what we have via check or money order postmarked by the 31st. What we send at that time will be matched. 

We will then continue to raise money until the original cut off date of April 9th, Kristen's Birthday. 

Once the project is completed and our final donations have been sent to Covenant House they will issue a receipt and an acknowledge letter that will include the total amount raised (including what was added from the matching gift program) by our project efforts in honor of Kristen Stewart's Birthday.

We also have some exciting auctions coming up to aid in our fund raising efforts so be on the look out for those.


  1. Lovely. This is a fantastic project.

  2. I clicked on the donate button and made a contribution of $100 per pay pal. So will my donation be matched if it's by pay pal or does it only get matched by check/money order?

  3. When I was younger I stayed at covanent house in toronto it helped me a lot I now have 3 kids and am very happy

  4. I'm forever late. I missed the the double match but at least I contributed. This is a shout out to other late comers like myself. You can still participated in this worthy project. Kitty

  5. So sorry i missed the matching donation as well- but i did just donate! What a wonderful thing you guys are doing- and in honor of Kristen!! I am sure she will be thrilled to hear this ;)