Awesome Fan Encounter With BooBoo!

BreakingDawnMovie.org reader, Nicole, has shared her awesome encounter with Breaking Dawn Wolf Booboo Stewart (aka Seth Clearwater) in Vancouver recently -
So my friends and I were walking around downtown and it started to pour. So, we ducked into a cafe attached to a hotel to dry off. I was just people watching as my friend was on her laptop and I saw a taxi drive up. Out walked Chaske Spencer! Five minutes later Kiowa and Bronson were headed out to workout! All of them walking fast, heads down, hoods over their head. The cafe we were in was empty and so when I heard someone else sit down behind us I looked. It was BooBoo’s dad! Within two minutes I turned around and saw BooBoo joining his dad for dinner!

My friends had no problem talking to him. “Hey BooBoo, how’s it going?!” He smiled a huge smile and responded very politely. “Oh, not bad, thanks!”.  This was when I finally found my voice and asked him if I could get a picture with him. He smiled and had no problem with this!
He walked right over and put his arm around me and posed for the two cameras my friends had going. They told him that it was my birthday on Monday and so when the pictures were done he actually leaned in and hugged me!!!!!! I was in heaven!!

Read and see more pics here

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