MTV's Josh Horowitz Promises Non-Oscar Twilight Surprise

I'm really excited about this. Mark your calendars people!


  1. Really?
    Yeah, I knew something like this was gonna happen.
    I seriously knew it. They wouldn't show a big Twilight shocker at the Oscars. They're too shallow for it.
    Well, I'm glad that the real surprise is still on its way. It's fake identity sucked.

    So, Summit just confirmed that there will be no Twilight stars and no Breaking Dawn footage shown--but that was just a confirmation for the Oscars.

    Meaning...the real surprise has endless possibilities.
    Can't wait. :)
    I believe this now, that's it's the real thing and it's going to be BIG.

  2. The Oscars totally sucked. Wish Rob and Kristen had been there. Let's wait and see what Josh has promised. He's got a better understanding of the Twilight fans.