Melissa Leo contributes to her own Oscar campaign

Apparently she wasn't content to let the Paramount and Relativity marketing machine do all the campaign work. So Best Supporting Actress frontrunner Melissa Leo personally paid for Hollywood trade ads (including on Deadline.com) Thursday showing  her super glammed-up wearing “Faux (not real) Fur” and a glittery evening gown. The text simply said “Consider”  and then below that, “Melissa Leo”, and in very tiny fine print off to the side the web address www.melissaleo.com, a photo credit, and a faux fur credit. There is no reference to her movie, The Fighter, or her critically acclaimed and  gritty real-life character, Alice Ward.

Read the rest at Deadline.com

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  1. I know that this was posted on February 5, 2011, but on February 27, 2011, Melissa Leo won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress. Her ads did not hurt her since Oscar voters are very sophisticated and know an outstanding performance when they see one! It was the bloggers and the media that made "much a'do about nothing."