Nikki Reed Judges Vans Custom Culture Art & Design Showcase

A group of art students at Rio Rancho High School wants you to walk a mile in their shoes.

Over the weekend it was announced the group won the top prize in the Vans Custom Culture Art & Design Showcase. The students beat out 326 other schools in the shoe company’s nationwide shoe art design. Rio Rancho High School will receive a $10,000 grant toward the school’s art programs.
“Our group was ecstatic,” said junior Bradley Everett. “We couldn’t believe we won. It was unreal.”

The group of students designed four pairs of shoes for Vans. Initially, they made the top 20, as voted by Vans, and then won their region by a national online vote. That won them a trip to Southern California, where they got to meet with Vans executives and designers. The top prize was selected by a panel of judges, including celebrities like actress Nikki Reed and skateboard legend Tony Alva.

For full article, please visit : Rio Rancho Observer

New Rob Clip from Ellen!

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Kellan Lutz's "Meskada" made PopSugar's 2010 Tribeca Film Festival: My Short List of Must Sees

Meskada: Nick Stahl, Kellan Lutz, and Meryl Streep's daughter Gracie Gummer star in this murder mystery. I'm still skeptical of Kellan Lutz's acting skills, but hey, at least there will be some shirtless distraction.

To see who else made PopSugar's list, please visit: Buzz Sugar

Kristen Stewart's Handwriting Font by TwilightPoison.com!

From: Twilight Poison

Due to the overwhelming support and love for our RPattz Handwriting Font, I decided to work immediately on a KStew Handwriting font since I won’t be having much time in the next weeks. This past weekend I started the process of making a font from all the autographs and little messages to fans that Kristen has written and that I found scanned online. What you’re seeing above was taken from her actual handwriting and then processed into font, which you can download and use with any picture editing software like Photoshop or Paint. You can google her autographs and see this is in fact her handwriting.
It took me less time to make her font than Rob’s, because bless her, her handwriting is more legible lol. Also all the scans that I found online were in super high quality, which helped a lot.

This font is more complete than Rob’s. It features a period, exclamation mark and quotation marks. This is because I actually found them in many of Kristen’s autographs, which I didn’t find in Rob’s. To keep Rob’s more authentic I didn’t fake characters, so his font only has letters.

I personally LOVE this font! What do you all think? -S-

Robert Pattinson's Film "The Summer House" to be Screened at Canadian Short Film Fest

In a few weeks time, The Worldwide Short Film Festival will be screening “The Summer House”, a short film in which Robert Pattinson plays. The short film is an adaptation of a coming-of-age story in which a teenage girl (Jane) summering at an aunt’s chateau in rural France discovers the complexity of romantic relationships—both those of certain family members, as well as her own.
The film was shot in 2008, just prior to the release of “Twilight”, the final buffer between Rob and international mega-stardom. In “The Summer House”, Rob plays the role of 18-year-old Richard, the love interest of Jane. Having broken up with her to date another woman prior to her departure for the summer, once dumped by the other, he appears unexpectedly at Jane’s retreat to win her back. Through a series of benign advances (e.g., love letters) and other more forceful attempts, he pushes Jane to come farther into herself.

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MORE Rob, Kristen and Taylor Outtakes from USA Today

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Rob on Ellen...A Closer Look!

Holy Smokes!!!

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Inside deets on Robert Pattinson's appearance on Ellen

Virgin Blue Magazine

From Gossip Cop:

*** An audience member was blindfolded and instructed to “feel up” three guys to guess which one was Pattinson. She got it wrong.
*** Pattinson told the host he begins shooting Water for Elephants with Reese Witherspoon on Thursday.
*** He jokingly told DeGeneres he got a haircut because he had “nits.” She told him that Americans call them “lice.”
*** Also in jest: Pattinson said People magazine got it wrong — he’s more beautiful than Julia Roberts.
*** Will Smith gave Pattinson advice about presenting at the Oscars: “Don’t try and be funny.” Wait until you’ve done it 6 times.

Stay with Gossip Cop as he updates his site with more details!

Screencaps showing Robert Pattinson on Ellen Degeneres

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Ashley Greene: Robert Pattinson Doesn't Understand Girls PLUS Her Thoughts on Dating Kellan

"When I met Rob, I didn’t think twice about him,” Ashley Greene told Seventeen. “He’s really attractive, but that chemistry wasn’t there. He also doesn’t understand girls. He gets a lot of attention from them, but doesn’t quite understand it because before 'Twilight,' he was just a guy from 'Harry Potter.'"

And while we are on the topic of good looking men, let’s not forget about Kellan Lutz. “I’ve definitely though about it," Ashley said of getting romantic with Kellan. “He and I met through our agent five years ago, and we’ve been best friends ever since — and filming together has made us even closer. He’s one of my best friends, but if we were going to be romantic, we would have done it years ago!”

Read the full article at MTV
and pick up the June/July issue of Seventeen Magazine!

Promo vid for Rob on The Ellen Show

Today Ellen has one of the biggest shows of the season! Starting it off is one of the hottest guys on the planet, ROBERT PATTINSON! He's mobbed everywhere he goes, but he's holding them back long enough to visit with Ellen. The newest Twilight movie, "Eclipse," is out soon, and he's got all the details -- and he might have to weigh-in on Team Edward! Then, Ellen loves ADAM LAMBERT so much, and today he's performing his latest song, "If I Had You." He's sure to have some opinions on the upcoming finale of "American Idol." Adam has proven that you don't have to be the winner to become a superstar! Plus, all month long Ellen has been surprising audience members with her huge Yay! May! Sweepstakes, and today, one person is going to have their life changed!

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Rachelle Lefevre in Barney's Version Trailer

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'On The Road' sells international rights at Cannes

Walter Salles’ adaptation of Jack Kerouac’s seminal “On the Road” has been picked up in Cannes for UK, Ireland, New Zealand, and Australian rights by Icon Film Distribution. The film, an MK2 production in co-production with Film4 and Videofilmes, had previously been sold to Tele M√ľnchen Gruppe/Concorde Filmverleih for German territories and Cineart for Benelux. All remaining international rights are still held by MK2 pending further sales. “On the Road,” starring Sam Riley, Garrett Hedlund, Kristen Stewart, and Kirsten Dunst, is scheduled to begin principal photography on August 2. 

 IndieWire via KStew411

Ashley Greene talks about Rob

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Elizabeth Reaser on Eclipse tent scene

Movie Trailers - Movies Blog

Elizabeth Reaser might play Edward's adopted vampire mom, Esme Cullen, in "Twilight," but that doesn't mean she can't find the "Eclipse" tent scene to be one really sexy moment. If Twi-Hards thought it was hot in the book, Reaser said, then they really need to see the flick, out June 30.

"The tent scene, I remember that being one of the hottest scenes in the books, so I'm excited to see that," Reaser said when she stopped by the MTV News offices Tuesday (May 18). "I'm Team Edward, so I can't relate to [Bella] being torn [between Edward and Jacob], but I mean, come on, vampires are cool! Wolves are super hairy and they smell disgusting, like dogs."

Reaser said the tent scene ups the sexual ante in the "Twilight Saga." "The tent scene is sort of a three-way — I mean, it's a chaste three-way, but it is, nonetheless, a three-way," she said. "So I do think that ups the sexiness factor in this movie, but I don't know. The first movie, I thought, was intensely sexy, because they couldn't touch, and to watch them fall in love was so sexy. And I love that, in the books, they all have great chemistry. So it's fun to watch."

Regardless of how chaste the tent scene is, Reaser understands that Twilighters are anticipating it. "I have no realistic idea of what excites people. I'm always surprised," she said of what fans are looking forward to. "If I were a fan? I'm starting to sound like a sicko, but I would say the tent scene. I mentioned it like five times now. It's getting weird. That's my son! I'm happy we're not really related, so it's not that weird.

"I'm excited to see the action, like running through the forest," she added. "I was running on the back of the truck at 30 miles per hour, so I'm excited to see that."


New Eclipse Poster


Nikki Reed on Ellen

'Twilight: Eclipse': Taylor Lautner wore wolf 'Teletubby' suit; Kristen Stewart pet him

"Twilight's" Taylor Lautner has gone to many lengths to help make the franchise seem realistic in its portrayal.

We've already heard how the 18-year-old packed on the pounds and lived at the gym to bulk up for "New Moon," and USA Today reports the next step he took for wolfy versimilitude: Putting on a suit to play his animal alter ego.

Most of the wolf scenes were put in after the fact, using computer graphics, but it's still important that the performances seem real, especially when Bella (Kristen Stewart) scratches the wolf version of Jacob behind the ear.

"There is dialogue and I talk to him," Stewart says. "I said, 'How am I going to do this without Taylor?' " Instead of having to use her imagination to interact with the CG wolf, Lautner volunteered to act as its stand-in.

"That day I came on set and put on this tight gray spandex suit," he explains. "Basically, it looked like a Teletubby. I had this circle on the face but everything else was covered. It was weird. But, yeah, I stood there and would literally bend over."

Stewart chimes in, "I would actually pet his head."

Aww, that's so sweet (and hilarious). Although he says the suit was gray spandex, we can't help but imagine him in a full wolf costume, or perhaps a costume like Max wore in "Where the Wild Things Are."

Lautner gets wofly in "Eclipse," in theaters on June 30.

Get Ashley Greene's beauty look!

Who wouldn't want to resemble the stunning Twilight star?

As Twilight vampire Alice Cullen, Ashley Greene portrays one of the most beautiful creatures to walk the earth. But somehow the 23-year-old actress manages to look even more stunning in real life.

Yep, Ashley embodies a level of beauty clearly inconceivable to Stephanie Meyer when she wrote the Twilight Saga. But if you're wondering how she actually manages to look that good in the flesh, the answer is simple. With a little help from make up, of course.

Here's how to copy Ashley's look using Topshop's amazing new make up range. Check it out:

Using the lightest colour in the duo, dust the eyelids and inner corner of the eye with Topshop's Eyeshadow Duo in Rocky Road, £6. Using a blending brush, blend the darker colour into the socket and out corner of the eye. Next line the lower lash line with the dark colour using a liner brush or cotton wool bud.

Robert Pattinson Handwriting FONT - Download Here

This amazing newly developed Robert Pattinson Handwriting FONT is now available for download. Twilightpoison.com developed it with a lot of time and a lot of love. As you can tell by the sample, it is definitely scribblish scrawl but hey, it's Robert Pattinson's scribbles!

Twilightpoison.com states:

"Here it is! The little gift I promised you guys. I created a font for you to download and use from Rob’s actual handwriting. Yes, it’s ugly, but you have Rob to blame for that, not me.
I took letters from all the autographs he’s ever signed and turned them into a font. You can see for yourself that this really is what his handwriting looks like by googling “Robert Pattinson autographs”.
The font took me a lot longer to make. There are no special characters or numbers, just letters, because we’ve never seen Rob writing any of them."
So if you are dying for your font to be bearly legible then CLICK HERE to download the Robert Pattinson Handwriting FONT. I, however, will stick to Tahoma and Book Antiqua but I still adore you Rob!!!

How fun is this!! Great job Twilight Posion! Two thumbs up!

Jackson Rathbone in The Last Airbender Movie Still

FACT OR FCTION: Pattinson eyes new role..........

Robert Pattinson wants to play a sex and drug obsessed music industry figure in a new movie

The Twilight star has his sights set on playing fictional record label A&R (Artist and Repertoire) man Steven Stelfox in the big screen adaptation of novel Kill Your Friends – written by former real life A&R man John Niven.

In the book, Stelfox is working for a label in London in 1997 looking for new bands and pop stars to sign while at the same time fuelling his hedonistic lifestyle with cocaine and prostitutes.

A source told The Sun newspaper: “Rob is a huge fan of the novel. He is fascinated by the music industry and is keen to get involved in the project. He’s already approached producers telling them he wants to play the leading man. If he gets the role it will be the darkest part he’s ever played.

“It’s an incredibly adult character and is bound to shock his fan base.”

Pattinson is not the only star trying to secure a role in the movie.

Drum ‘n’ bass artist Goldie – who is parodied by Niven in the tome – has also asked bosses for a part.

If Pattinson does land the lead it will be his latest attempt to move away from the role of vampire Edward Cullen which catapulted him to fame in the Twilight movies.

The 24-year-old actor played a tormented student who rebels against his father in Remember Me, and he shared a number of raunchy sex scenes with his co-star Emilie de Ravin in the movie.

Catharine Hardwicke: ‘Twilight Pay Dispute Is A Mess’

Twilight director Catharine Hardwicke has weighed in on the reported pay dispute which may delay the final installment of the series. Rumor has it that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are receiving muli-million dollar checks for the final movie and stars like Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz are still in negotiations.

Hardwicke tells Us Magazine, “Ashley and Kellan have agents, managers, lawyers… you get all of these outside influences telling you you should hold out for this much because you’re such an important part of the franchise.

“Possibly, Ashley and Kellan might not even be all that involved. They have all the other people telling them things and a lot of stuff can get mishandled. There’s so many possible misunderstandings. It breaks my heart.

“It could turn ugly. Do (these actors) deserve more money? Probably they do, on one level. But, if everybody makes so much money then… it’s complicated. What a mess!”

That does sound like a mess! The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, which will be split into two movies, will be released in November 2011 and summer 2012.

Muse on 'break-up' Twilight song

Muse lead singer Matt Bellamy has explained how their new song, appearing on the forthcoming The Twilight Saga: Eclipse soundtrack, is about the recent "break-up" with his girlfriend.

Speaking to Radio 1's Zane Lowe about the song, Neutron Star Collision (Love Is Forever), he said: "It was a song looking right back on that moment that you first get with someone and everything feels like its going to go on forever."

He also revealed details of Muse's elaborate stage plans for their forthcoming worldwide stadium tour.

Informed by George Orwell's novel 1984, the production will feature an "an all seeing eye" pyramid structure and a "chrome UFO".

Twilight invitation

The soundtrack for the third instalment of the vampire movie franchise, released on 8 June, will also feature tracks from Vampire Weekend, Florence and the Machine and The Dead Weather.

Speaking about their contribution Bellamy explained that he wanted fans to hear the track now whilst its subject matter still felt "relevant".

He said: "I broke up with my girlfriend - it must have been about 8 months ago or something. I basically wrote that song pretty much immediately after that.

"The Twilight people contacted us and were very keen to get a song for their film and I thought 'Why not?'.

"I might as well just bung it in there and get it out there because this song represents a bit of a difficult period for me in my life. It's the kind of song that by the time we get to the next album might not be relevant any more. My life might have changed and moved on. It's kind of like a cheesy love sentiment I suppose.

"When I wrote the song, it was quite a heavy thing."

Summer tour

The trio, who released their fifth album The Resistance in 2009, are set to play a string of huge stadium, gigs this summer including dates at London's Wembley Stadium and Lancashire County Cricket ground.

Bellamy said the shows will feature a brand new set including a "very futuristic pyramid-shaped office building".

He added: "From the front the whole thing looks like this gigantic…you know the all seeing eye with a big eye-ball on top? It basically looks like that.

"It's supposed to be a cross between that and George Orwell's ministry from 1984 - we've got a chrome UFO."

Joking about the band's over-the-top nature Bellamy said: "We're totally gone these days - I don't know quite how we got to this point. I'm just going to go with it."

Twilight Hottie Taylor Lautner Gets His Own Comic Book - Pictures

The actor's life story is made into a comic...

Taylor Lautner shot to fame as the muscly third wheel in Edward Cullen and Bella Swan's relationship in the Twilight Saga movies.

Taylor plays shape shifting Jacob Black and his life story has inspired a comic book to be written about him.

The 32-page issue covers everything from Taylor's martial arts background, landing the role of Jacob and gaining 30lbs to keep it!

The issue, by Bluewater press is called Fame: Taylor Lautner and features the actor's well honed muscles quite heavily. They are still something to behold, even in illustration!

Would you read comics for Taylor?!

Eclipse TV Spot 'Destiny'

First Pictures And Details From 'Water For Elephants' Set

The county of Ventura confirmed that a production company has taken out a film permit for Thursday to start shooting a movie in Fillmore. That project is likely a Fox 2000 film based on “Water for Elephants,” Sara Gruen’s best-selling Depression-era novel about a traveling circus.
No big tops have been reported in Fillmore or environs, but on Sunday, circus trains and wagons painted with the words “Benzini Bros. Most Spectacular Show on Earth,” the circus in Gruen’s book, were spotted in the city’s downtown.
On Monday, Ventura County senior planner Becky Linder confirmed that a production company has taken out a film permit to start shooting “Jerry Novak’s Big Adventure” in Fillmore and “other locations around the county” on Thursday.

“Jerry Novak” isn’t a character in the book, but on Sunday, at the Santa Clara and Mountain View site, a dirt lot near the tracks of the Fillmore & Western Railway Co., a large rental fence had been erected with a black covering around it. A look inside a crack in the gate revealed more than 10 red, yellow and orange boxy circus wagons, some with ornate decorations.

In Gruen’s book, she describes circus wagons that “are painted scarlet, with gold trim and sunburst wheels, each emblazoned with the name ‘Benzini Bros. Most Spectacular Show on Earth.”  

In Fillmore, “Benzini Bros. Circus” was printed in gold letters on some of the wagons. Also, on the tracks next to the lot, about 10 old-fashioned railroad cars — boxcars, flatcars and passenger cars — sat on the tracks. Painted maroon, several of them were printed with “Benzini Bros. Circus” and “Most Spectacular Show on Earth.” A few had bales of hay inside.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart - Fan Encounter From Last Weekend

Hey there people.. Thought I'd let you all know what I saw Sat night at the **** as many people have asked me what happend. I will start with Sorry, but not a Twilight fan so I had no idea how big a deal the sighting was. My friends had a room there so we all just met up to have some drinks and catch up. We went to the outside patio bar around 11pm and there were only maybe 10 ppl outside. Was mood lighting from the fire pits and they were sitting at the high top table together sitting maybe 1 ft apart if that. I didnt think anything of it, thought they were a young couple in love and thought how cute because you could tell that its not just lust/frisky/horney/drunk kind of thing. They were just really caught up in being together. I noticed it because it made me happy and think back to my first loves. So we were looking for an empty pit to sit at and there were none so we sat at the other end of the high top bar maybe 10ft from them and had drinks. It was then the women in our group started talking about the couple sitting behind me. I thought it was an ex of one of the girls and thought what bad luck. Mind you she was there with her now husband but what are the odds you run into an ex. Rob was wearing a "**** ST-DIRTBAGS" baseball cap (way to go man supporting our local teams) and both were very casual dressed but again, sitting almost in each others laps just intoxicated with each other as the rest of the world was not even there. We then moved to a now open fire pit right across from them. Oh, skipped the part where the girls informed me of who it was. So I turned, took a look and sure enough, girls were right on. I thought it was pretty cool that two people who worked together could meet and have that kind of a relationship. (Again, Didnt know there was this Controversy over if they were dating or not-dont read those mags) Then at one point around 1130pm she went to get a cig and dropped them all over the floor. He helped her pick them up and I'm telling you, I know now some like Him, some like her, some dont like one or the other but they are a really cute couple. They look good together and you can just see how happy they make each other. So THEN, my friend walked up and bummed a cig off of her. (I thought it was funny) -The whole time, nobody, not even the wait staff had approached but the bar had closed up there. She gladly gave him a cig and offered a light. I mentioned to them I had matches and she asked if he was sure as she had her lighter. We all hung out till about 12am and headed inside leaving them by themselves as most others had left (again, patio closed at 1130pm for service) I know everyone is freaking out about this it seems but I've been in love a few times and know what it looks like. Let me tell you, that was it. They were just really happy, very very close, nobody was bothering them and they were just enjoying their lives together. I left feeling very refreshed to see that in a couple young actors. I left feeling very happy for them. THEN the emails came in from everyone!! So sorry if some are upset/disappointed about what I'm informing you about, but i think its great to see two people find that kind of love because its not easy to find in this world these days it seems.. at least not in Southern California! And that is it.. Oh.. about kissing.. When the ladies were first whispering about the couple behind me, I looked and to me I just saw to young people making out as his hand was on her neck and his face was tilted to her but I looked away not thinking much, but as I realize now what a big deal it would be if they were.. Could have been a kiss, could have been him whispering something in her ear. Funny thing is, they were doing their thing, we were laughing, talking having our own fun so really didnt pay much attention! And that is that.. Hope it helped in some way- Brent

**** (Edited out locations)
We won't give out the source,because then you
will know the location.Actor's privacy is very important to Twilightish.com

Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner are going to visit Korea next month!

Hollywood actors Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner of blockbuster film “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse” will be visiting Korea next month to promote the much-anticipated third installation, according to local distributor Pan Cinema on Tuesday.

Scheduled to be arriving in Seoul on June 2, Stewart and Lautner will be making various promotional rounds the following day, attend a press conference, make red carpet appearances and greet local fans at a fan meeting.

“The Twilight Saga” movies are based on the best-selling novel series of the same name by Mormon housewife-turned-author Stephenie Meyer.  In 2008, the first film “Twilight” became an unexpected hit at the North American box office and catapulted its young trio of lead actors — Stewart, Lautner and British actor Robert Pattinson — into instant, international stardom.

“Eclipse” is scheduled to open in Korea on July 8.

Robert Pattinson Signed Twilight Handbag For Charity

“Purse with Purpose” Charity Auction and signed by Robert Pattinson, star of the hit movies Twilight, New Moon and the upcoming Eclipse.

The Robert Pattinson signed this bag as if asking you to Remember Me…and all the women you’ll help empower with your bid!

A truly collectible piece and unique addition to any fan’s accessory wardrobe!

A black canvas Zippy with a black and white chess piece (Breaking Dawn) interior is complemented by a handy adjustable webbing handle and many pockets to store your things.

The bag features the embroidered phrase, “And the lion fell in love with the lamb” to make it truly-Edwardian… and a special apple red apple is hidden inside one of the pockets.
Dimensions: 14” w x 12” h x 3” deep

Each bag in our auction has been handmade by Viv Pickle Custom Handbag Studio of Philadelphia (www.vivpickle.com) to commemorate the career of the celebrity who signed the bag. Many bags are also made with custom fabric and/or embroidery.

100% of the proceeds of the “Purse with Purpose” Charity Auction supports The Career Wardrobe – Philadelphia, PA. Since 1995, The Career Wardrobe has assisted over 60,000 women successfully find employment by providing free professional clothing and career skills services. Visit us at: www.careerwardrobe.org.

The Career Wardrobe received autographed items for the auction in response to letters sent to celebrities requesting a donation for this charity auction. All items were received in good faith by The Career Wardrobe. 

The Career Wardrobe makes no guarantees as to their authenticity. If you have a question about a specific item, please contact the seller. All items are provided to the winning bidder “as is” for the agreed donation at the conclusion of the auction. Donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law and winning bidders will be provided with a donation statement upon request.

Bags that do not sell for the reserve listing price will be auctioned live on Wednesday, June 9, 2010 at A Perfect Fit: Fashioning Futures for Women in Philadelphia, PA. Tickets can be purchased at www.careerwardrobe.org

Kristen Stewart : Vogue article[Full scan]

Jackson Rathebone Saturday Night Magazine interview

While Rob Pattinson and Taylor Lautner are wrapped up in the Twi-limelight, their co-star Jackson Rathbone is zooming along under the radar, carefully crafting his career as an actor, producer and musician. We sat down with the 25-year-old rising star to talk about his roles in not one but two of this summer’s biggest movies. First up, he reprises his role as Jasper Hale in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse and then stars in M. Night Shyamalan’s fantasy adventure, The Last Airbender.

SNMag: Tell us about your role in The Last Airbender…
Jackson Rathbone: I play a young warrior named Sokka who, along with his sister, discovers a mysterious boy trapped in the ice; they free him and end up on a quest to save the world. It’s a very fantastical story that originated out of the Nickelodeon cartoon and now it’s a live action epic fantasy.

SNMag: Did you have to do any training or physical prep for the role?
JR: There was a good two months of kung fu training in LA and then continued training while we were filming. But it was really fun, I loved it. That’s one of the really cool things about being an actor: you get paid to learn kung fu!

SNMag: What kind of stunts did you have to do?
JR: Mostly it was hand to hand combat. My character doesn’t have any special abilities…so I’d do a lot of scenes where I fight off guys with swords and spears and all I had to fight with was the boomerang. It’s a little bit nerve-wracking, even when it’s a plastic sword coming at you.

SNMag: How was your experience working with M. Night Shyamalan?
JR: It was amazing. The Sixth Sense is one of my favorite thrillers and I love Night’s other work. So it felt like great as an actor to be working with somebody I’ve respected and admired for years.

SNMag: What was your initial reaction when you were cast in Twilight?
JR: It’s a great book series and Jasper has such a lush backstory so I was just really excited. But then I started getting calls from my cousins and they were even more excited than me so that kind of upped the ante – playing a character that my family knows and are excited about seeing me portray on the big screen.

SNMag: Did you realize then it would kick-start your career?
JR: I don’t think it really hit me until I walked the red carpet at the premiere of Twilight. That’s when it was first like, "Oh wow, this is going to be a new experience for me.”

SNMag: What’s one of the most memorable fan encounters you’ve had?
JR: We were filming up in Vancouver for New Moon and I was on my way to get Starbucks. A bunch of fans surrounded me and so I was taking pictures and signing autographs and this woman comes up to me with a 2-year-old child and, without saying a word, hands me her kid and steps back to take a picture. It was just kind of awkward because the kid’s looking at me like, “Who are you?” and I’m looking at the kid like, “I’m sorry, man, I have no idea what’s going on either.” So she snapped a photo, took her kid back and walked away. It’s kind of odd to have a stranger shove a child in your arms.

SNMag: Do we get to see a new side of Jasper in Eclipse?
JR: Yes, we get to see Jasper back when he was a human which was back in the Civil War. So I got to ride a horse again - I grew up riding so it was fun to get back to that.

SNMag: Were you at all into vampire movies before you were cast in Twilight?
JR: I’ve definitely been a fan of the vampire genre for a long time. Interview with the Vampire is an incredible film. I’ve always loved the Dracula films. And Nosferatu is a beautiful, well-crafted film from the 20s that still holds up today, in my opinion.

SNMag: What’s your relationship like with the rest of the cast? How do you spend your time on set?
JR: It’s fun because we play a family on screen and so getting to come back and do these sequels is like a family reunion. A lot of us are musicians as well as actors so we’d all get together in the rooms and we’d have jam sessions and make up songs. I’d play guitar and harmonica, Rob would play guitar and sing or Kristen would play guitar.

SNMag: Who are some of your favorite actors?
JR: I’m just finishing Johnny Depp’s catalogue. I love his style of acting, it’s very organic and down to earth and then it’s also very fantastical at the same time. Clint Eastwood’s the man. And Jack Nicholson, I love his style.

SNMag: Tell us more about your band 100 Monkeys…
JR: We just did 61 shows out of a 100 city tour so we’re taking a small break. But it’s something that we love to do. I’ve been playing music as long as I’ve been acting and I feel so privileged to be able to have both those careers taking off at the same time. One of the things I’m trying to get into is integrating film and music - one of the band members and I produced a film that we both acted in called Girlfriend and 100 Monkeys composed the score for the film.

SNMag: We have to ask: Do you have a girlfriend?
JR: No, no, I am single. I got a lot of stuff going on so it’s hard to find time to even go on a date these days. But that doesn’t mean I’m not looking. So every once in a while I’ll get a day off and try to go on a date if I can…find a nice girl at a coffee shop or something.

SNMag: What can you tell us about your tattoos?
JR: I’ve got six tattoos total. I am planning on getting a couple more maybe within the next month or so. I think my next tattoo is going to be a line out of TS Eliot’s The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock. It’s one of my favorite poems ever.

SNMag: What other movies or projects do you have coming up?
JR: Really excited about getting Girlfriend into the festival circuit and putting out my next couple of projects with my production company, Patchmo Entertainment. I’m really excited to get on the other side of the camera, producing and hopefully directing within the next year or two. It’s just a truly exciting time in my life and I don’t take it for granted. I’d rather be working than sleeping!

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Kristen Stewart film “Welcome to the Rileys” to play at Los Angeles Film Fest

By Kim Palacios
hollywoodnews.com: I recently wrote about fan access problems to Kstew’s films, given her bent toward parts in indies with shallow distribution. Yet, the recent unveiling of the 2010 Los Angeles Film Festival lineup confirms that, at least some fans will get to see “Welcome to the Rileys” next month. The film’s January 2010 world premiere at Sundance was met with high critical acclaim. Yet, until now, it has been almost exclusively unavailable to fans.
This is good news in the wake of speculation about the fate of the film given internal troubles with its distribution company, Apparition. Co-founders Bill Pohlad (the financier) and Bob Berney (the industry expert)reportedly quarreled, and the latter of the two recently quit the firm. The reported nature of their tiff was whether to execute a “go big” or “go viral” strategy for at least one other of Kristen’s films. Many speculate that the distribution plan (and, consequently, the earning potential) for “The Runaways” was inadequate given the big star power of Kristen and her co-star Dakota Fanning.
Though details on how to score tickets to “Welcome to the Rileys” are hazy (the Los Angeles Film Festival web site is ambiguous about how to secure tickets to films in the “Summer Screenings” set), June 1st is the date to look out for specifics. At present, the festival is selling “passes” (e.g., packages of tickets to multiple screenings and special events), but per-showing tickets are expected to be available for films not listed as exclusive events.
On May 13th, a “Welcome to the Rileys” Twitter account (@Welcome2Rileys) announced showings on Friday June 25th at 7:30pm at the Regal 14 Downtown (285 seats) and Sunday June 27th at 4:00pm at Regal 14 Downtown (166 seats). This has yet to be confirmed on the official LAFF web site.