Gossip Cop: The real story behind Kristen Stewart and 'An American Girl'

Kristen Stewart has a movie hitting theaters (Welcome to the Rileys) and a blockbuster set to start shooting (Breaking Dawn), but it’s a rumored film on the horizon that has outlets buzzing.
A number of sites have picked up on an interviewJames Woods gave to MTV, in which the actor-director praises Stewart’s talent and mentions her commitment to An American Girl, which he plans to direct.
“We’re just about ready to go now in the spring,” says Woods of the project, which follows a young woman who joins the Marines following sexual humiliation.
We knew An American Girl was in the works with theTwilight star involved, but this was the first time a production timetable had been suggested.
So is Stewart actually set to start the movie in early 2011?
Sources tell Gossip Cop that Stewart’s camp is “hoping that’s the next film” she does, though there are still a lot of things that need to fall into place before a production of that size can begin.
As of now, though, we’re told there is no start date.