'Twilight' college course up and running

Back in March, the first full-length college course on the Twilight series was announced here, and now the course is up and running for California State University's Fall 2010 program.

The class description is as follows: "Examines the Twilight saga and the resulting fandom. Explores Twlight in relation to the social and cultural construction of gender and gendered identities in contemporary U.S. culture. Using an intersectional lens emphasizing gender, race, class, sexuality, and belief, provides students with the conceptual and analytical foundations to think more deeply about popular culture and its impact. Covers vampire lore, the romantic core of the series, female characters and fans, the depiction of men and masculinity, religious contexts, race and white privilege, the franchising of Twilight, and various cultural contexts such as abstinence only education and the rise of internet fandoms."

When we discussed the course back in March, it was noted that the professor, Dr. Natalie Wilson, intended to make the course open to the public as much as possible by utilizing a blog to correspond to the course teachings. Her blog is available here.

Wilson's latest entry for the blog catalogues some of the progress that she has made with the course, noting student observations such as "Bella, if she had a Facebook account, would regularly post the update 'another rainy day'", and "
The dismissal of female fans perpetuates the message that anything women like can’t be good." Read the rest here.

Some sources recently caught wind of the offering, and after checking back into the topic, it seems that indeed the course is fully underway, and fans can go ahead and tune in to what's being said about this subject matter in the first full-length college course on Twilight. It should be really interesting to see what Dr. Wilson and her course find about the Saga through this platform.