Summit Clears Up "Breaking Dawn" Rumors

Many of you may have seen some of the recent rumors that have been circulating around the internet lately about Breaking Dawn and the U.S. release date of the Eclipse DVD.  Summit has officially addressed a few of these rumors:

1) First, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn is not formally casting with local auditions - despite whatever information you may have come across. The only casting director associated with the picture(s) is Deborah Zane, and she has set up an official  e-mail account for casting inquiries. Again, e-mailing her will be of no benefit at this time because no nationwide casting call for Breaking Dawn has yet been created. Right now, no doubt, a lot of casting call advertisements are floating around, but they are scams and should be avoided.

2) Second, there is not going to be a name change for "Renesmee" in Breaking Dawn. Thanks to Twilight Lexicon who caught onto this rumor yesterday and received confirmation that the rumor is completely untrue.

3) Third, although Xavier Samuel (Riley) was listed on IMDB as part of the cast list for Breaking Dawn, Part 1, Amanda Bell (Twilight Examiner) has verified that this rumor is also false.

4) Finally, no official release date has been set or announced for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse on DVD. Unless it is an international release confirmed by one of the international distributors, it is false and premature.  We will let you know once a release date has officially been confirmed by Summit.

Thanks also to Team-Twilight