Not long now Twilight fans: Cast enjoy some last minute down time before shooting for Breaking Dawn begins

They play the Cullen family in what is fast becoming the Worlds biggest movie franchise - The Twilight Saga.
And with the promotional tour for Twilight: Eclipse just finished and pre-production for Breaking Dawn scheduled to begin next month, the film stars are enjoying their final weeks of rest and relaxation.

Kellan Lutz, 25, who plays Emmett Cullen in the series was spotted jetting out of Los Angeles International Airport last night on his way to an unknown holiday destination.

In a recent interview he talked about the importance of having this time off.
'I actually just got back from doing three movies in a row, all back-to-back,' he said.
'It was really cool to be a part of those projects, but it’s nice to have down time, me time, dog time and family time.'

'And I want to go to Turkey really bad. Istanbul, Iceland and Ireland. And somewhere to get away and get a tan before I have to be all pale for a while. But just relaxing because “Breaking Dawn” is going to be a big movie to shoot.'

Also spotted at LAX yesterday was his co-star Nikki Reed, who plays Rosalie Hale in the films.
The 22-year old actress was heading out of Los Angeles too on a trip.

Meanwhile Ashley Greene was spotted in New York taking a stroll and doing some shopping with a friend yesterday.

Ashley, 23, who plays Alice Cullen in the movies is on a break from shooting a film in Detroit, Michigan, alongside Miley Cyrus and Demi Moore called LOL: Laugh Out Loud.
Once the movie is completed, Ashley will have a short break until pre-production for Breaking Dawn Part One begins.