Kristen Stewart Reveals Where Twilight ‘Breaking Dawn’ Should Split

Kristen Stewart reveals where Twilight ‘Breaking Dawn’ should split. “Twilight Saga” leading lady Kristen Stewart recently gave an interview to the Associated Press ,and revealed where she thinks the upcoming “Twilight Saga: Breaking” movie should split into the 5th one,that she’s anxious to get it completed,and more.

She said that it’s obvious where “Breaking Dawn” should split up into two films. She stated, “I feel like it’s so obvious where you break it up. It’s as soon as she turns. Gosh, you open your eyes to this different world, right? That would be amazing. It’s such a crazy concept though. I’m going to be playing a wife and a mother and a vampire. I haven’t read the scripts,but I don’t see where else it could split other than when she turns. I’m really curious as to what I’m going to be doing in the next six months.”