Jackson Rathbone's Crush on 'Eclipse' Co-Star

Could Jackson Rathbone be trying to steal Kristen Stewart away from Robert Pattinson? Or falling head-over-heels for his on-screen love interest Ashley Greene?

Negative to both. Jackson's got a thing for Eclipse's new girl.
When talking about Bryce Dallas Howard, Jackson says, "I think she's an incredible actress and such a beautiful young woman. I also think she's way out of my league, so I'll just keep dreaming."

Sorry to break the news to you, Jackson, but Bryce is married to her college sweetheart. Here are a few more deets about the new Victoria:

She's the 29-year-old daughter of Oscar-winning director Ron Howard. Bryce has younger twin sisters and a younger brother. She was born in Los Angeles, but raised in Connecticut so she wouldn't be influenced by the Hollywood lifestyle. Besides Eclipse, Bryce's also been involved in another mega-movie franchise -- she went blonde to play Gwen Stacy in Spider-Man 3.

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