'Wuthering Heights' Sales Soar After 'Twilight' Re-Vamp

The classic novel, written 150 years ago is experiencing a revival thanks to the cult vampire saga.

When Stephanie Meyer featured the literary classic, Wuthering Heights in her Twilight saga, she breathed new life into Emily Bronte's love story. Now, thanks to a new Twilight-esque cover re-vamp, sales of the book are booming.

According to Britain's Telegraph, Twi-hards in Britain have been flocking to their nearest bookstore in droves to buy the classic novel after Meyer made it the main character Bella's favorite book in the series. The lovestruck teen (played by Kristen Stewart in the hit films) is often seen quoting from the novel, comparing her love for vampire, Edward (played by Brit hottie Robert Pattinson) to Cathy's passion for Heathcliff.

It was a no-brainer when publisher Harper Collins announced last fall they were going to reissue the novel, with a gothic style cover similar to Meyer's own books. Featuring the tag line "Bella and Edward's Favorite Book", the marketing ploy caused a controversy in literary circles at the time but it certainly seems to have worked — sales of the book have since quadrupled.

According to Nielsen Bookscan, the reissue saw sales peak at 34,023 in Britain over the last year compared to 8,551 when the book was published with the original cover back in 2005. Wuthering Heights is now currently one of the best selling novels in UK supermarket Tesco as well as more traditional bookstores through out the country.

Tesco's assistant book buyer Rachel Harcourt said: "It's fantastic to see teenagers are reading a whole different genre, the classics, as well as fantasy novels," adding: "Anything that encourages teenagers to read good books is welcome as there are so many distractions which prevent today's youngsters from developing reading as a hobby."

It just goes to show that, vampires aside, classic love stories simply never go out of fashion.

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