Kristen Stewart on Joan Jett -- and the whole blogger problem

Joan Jett has a great admirer in Kristen Stewart. The young actress told me about her respect for the rocker Sunday at the Sundance Film Festival.

"My biggest problem is bloggers," Stewart said of her modern struggles, compared to Jett's burden of breaking into the boys club of rock music.

For being a girl playing guitar, "Joan had bottles thrown at her," Stewart marveled.

"What she has now is a thick, developed armor," Stewart said. "She's in tune with herself, honest, and has a self-preservation thing."

And about those pesky bloggers, perpetuating a maybe-romance with "Twilight" leading man Robert Pattinson?

"Hearsay is sometimes really awesome and sometimes really destructive," she said. "I don't care."


  1. oooo wow.....hope this isn't a personal attack at any specific blogs, hey? no im joking, you guys really aren't that bad at all in terms to what shes saying. :P

  2. I think she is more on the blog about the two of them (Rob and Kristen). This kind of blog is seems to really putting their nose about her privacy. Individual dedication to each of them is not destructive, I believe but if you begin to insists about their love affair, it's no longer private that she wants to keep. I understand the obsession of the fans but to really watch by details and tickled in every thing they do and plastered over the blogsites is really annoying for them who is trying really hard to keep their private life as private as they could. The fans are domineering that they take almost the place of the two how they are really deeply, madly, irrevocably, unconditionally in-love with each other. I love the two together but I never defend or hate each if there's any circumstancial problem. That's their affair and privacy. She surely appreciates the dedication but the obsession is the one she doesn't understand. Most of the fans are almost blinded of the beauty of their love affair. They even want them to be real to the extent of creating this manip pics of them. I think this site is just right on time that you changed your name and you posted all Twilight happenings. You are not destructive at all. I pity her so much that in fact these blogsites dedicated to both of them seems destroying her and her eagerness to keep her privacy to herself is being plastered all over the sites and yet when there's a pappzz pics they always says: "Leave them alone" and plastered the pics to "almost" all the blogsites. Her mannerisms and gestures in every interviews showed her consciousness in every questions they asked, has something to do when everyone is scrutinizing every word she spit out, every clothes she is wearing, every man she is embracing, every facial expression she is executing, it's too much. I just want to hug her and advice her to go on sabbatical year. That might help her to ease this tensions that made her worst (fidgety,stummering, etc.)in
    every interviews she had. She is too young to cope it all. I just love both of them but it seems that the dedication of those blogsites to both of them is just not pleasant to her.

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