Kristen rocking the SEXpenders in Mexico

Did she borrow them from Rob? *wink*

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  1. Looks like Kristen stole Robs sexpenders!

  2. kristen is so cute it's unbelievable :) just adorable. taylor is super-duper charming :) love him!
    team kristen. all the way.


  3. I Love Kristen in this Rock Chick Look. Best..Totally Gorgeous..No wonder Rob is Smitten...lol..Taylor looks good too...but he is not Rob...SIGH..

  4. I'm totally loving her hair in the first picture. Dear Kristen, you are awesome. period.

  5. You guys need to stop sasying "Rob and Kristen this...Rob and Kris that..."
    You're trying to be nice and good fans, but
    don't you think you're a little TOO obsessed?
    You don't even know them? Yeah, they seem real cool & they're down to earth, but really?
    They aren't dating. Come on. Leave them alone
    with all the "She's wearing Rob's suspenders..."
    Really? She probably bought them! Gosh.
    Oh & when you saw that ring the other day..." Rob probably bought her that!"
    Um, no? She probably got to wear it accesorized
    w/ the outfit. They wouldn't like all this crap.
    And don't anyone comment me back complaining.
    Seriously. I absolutley adore them, so don't ask why I'm here then. I do think they're great, but I have an opinion and I'm entitled to say
    what I want. If you don't like it, don't worry
    about it then. :) I just think it's a little ridiculous.
    Especially when married women want Edward underwear...Just saying.

  6. @Emily Yeah you entitled to your opinion. But WOW that was quite the rant!

  7. I <3 u Emily! u are totally right!! some people on here need to get a life and stop creating dumb little fantasies about Robert and Kristen in their minds...

  8. @ Emily I was just kidding around about the suspenders, for heavens sake chill out.
    I think Rob and Kristen are adorable, if they are together great if they aren't fine.
    Don't take things so seriously or your going to have stroke!

  9. I think KStew is amazing! Love the suspenders. And LOVE Taylor, wow, he always dresses really nice.

  10. LOL @ Kristens little pose in the last piccie.