Eskimo Joe Added To Twilight New Moon Soundtrack

A brand new Eskimo Joe track has been added to the Australian release of the `New Moon` soundtrack.

‘Thunderclap’ by Eskimo Joe is a bonus track for the Aussie edition making the local release different from other territories.

Stuart MacLeod from Eskimo Joe says "It's great to be a part of the global phenomenon that is Twilight. When approached about writing a song for the soundtrack, ‘Thunderclap’ seemed to be the perfect song for the album. It was a song we wrote early on in the album process for ‘ Inshalla’. It has a darkness to it, but also a real feeling of hope. I hope it's a good match for the film."

Every song on the soundtrack for the Twilight sequel New Moon is new.

The album will feature songs from Thom Yorke, Muse, Editors and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.

The Australian tracklisting for New Moon will be:

1. Death Cab for Cutie—“Meet Me On the Equinox”
2. Band of Skulls—“Friends”
3. Thom Yorke—“Hearing Damage”
4. Lykke Li—“Possibility”
5. The Killers—“A White Demon Love Song”
6. Anya Marina—“Satellite Heart”
7. Muse—“I Belong To You (New Moon Remix)”
8. Bon Iver & St. Vincent—“Roslyn”
9. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club—“Done All Wrong”
10. Hurricane Bells—“Monsters”
11. Sea Wolf—“The Violet Hour”
12. OK Go—“Shooting the Moon”
13. Grizzly Bear—“Slow Life”
14. Editors—“No Sound But the Wind”
15. Alexandre Desplat—“New Moon (The Meadow)”
BONUS TRACK: Eskimo Joe – “Thunderclap”


  1. sweet!!!!!!!! wonder when its released, anyone know?

  2. woo hoo
    Eskimo joe seriously good and from Perth too.
    Kav Temperly brother Ben Beaton has a book launch this thursday - going to that
    seriously talented family