KStew Style Alert!

Came across this on Twitter.

Remember when Kristen sprained her ankle during the filming of New Moon? Well...this is how she rehabilitated it...with a Futuro Sport Moisture Control Ankle Support.

Despite the injured ankle...she sure looks HOT in the first pic! Don't ya think?

Thanks KStew411 and Coolspotters


  1. Hence why she wore sneakers/converses w/ her dress to the MTV Movie Awards and some ppl were b*tching about it... But I love K.Stew no matter sprained or fixed ankle :)

  2. In the name of all that's good and sparkles in the sun - ENOUGH with the HAIR comments!!!Kristen will give us the best damn Bella performance she can - heart and soul and bloody hair! Period.

  3. No wonder she wore converses with her dress in the mtv movie awards. She can't wear high heels with a sprained ankle, if she wore that, she would end up breaking her ankle.......

  4. i read somewhere that rob and kristen broke up?

  5. Amen anonymous :) I totally agree with you!

  6. I´m just saying that I miss her hair... I was not talking about her performance on Eclipse (I´m a fan of Kristen since Speak)... She is an amazing actress, and she will do great as Bella again, I´m sure! As for what I comment, that has to do with me. Period.

  7. I love kristen no matter what hair she has. She beautiful talented actress . People stop attacking each other. were all here to be robsten fans. That was the question. what did people think of bella's hair not kristen. people said there peace now were moving on. So I say she looks great...She beautiful girl with a hot boyfriend...luck girl.. I agree ana she has beautiful hair in the picture...

  8. While I like her NM hair best, nothing, not even her hair, will me like Eclipse any less. My favorite book and my favorite story. I won't be paying attention to hairstyles while I am watching it.
    She always looks great. I even like her in her JJ hair.

  9. wow..who said that ROBSTEN broke up is insane... anyway.. I found an amazing vid of ROB.. I'm on fire!!!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ygoyTIrIVe8

  10. Thank you Lily!!! And you´re absolutely right! We are all robsten fans, and I wish them nothing but the BEST!!!! :)

  11. Don't worry Ana...I'm yearnin' for KStew in Bella hair too.....if you are on this site a lot, you know that we have all been bitchin about the Mullet for months and are all pretty relieved to have Kristen as Bella once again ;o) It's all good!
    On the note of Robsten breaking up, if they were still going strong through their long seperation over the summer, there is no way they are breaking up now that they have the chance to be together! What's today...Sunday....they are probably cuddling up as we write ;o) Robsten's love isn't going anywhere. How the hell do I know...I just do ;o)

  12. Just because Rob was on dinner with other cast members and Kristen not, doesn´t mean they broke up!!!! They are still independent people. Maybe she was with her mom/manager and her brother for dinner or she needed a rest, and Rob took all the attention so that its not too obvious that both are missing... But I belive they are together and happy! GO ROBSTEN :)

  13. People, get over it..you every single day talk about them being together and 'bout the possibility they broke up. BUT YOU ACTUALLY DON'T KNOW THEY ARE TOGETHER=)))))..SO PLEASE STOP RUMORING ALL THE TIME. IT DOESN'T MEAN THEY ARE COUPLE, CAUSE YOU SEE THEM LOOKING TO EACH OTHER, FLIRTING OR STAYING IN ONE HOTEL. They are young, they can do whatever they want. You haven't thought maybe they are the best friends?? ANd don't say friends don't look to each other like that, you don't know a thing about that. We all here are dreamin. Just please stop RUMORING. it is already too much
    Let's just come here to find a new info - actual facts, not something we think we know!!!!!!!!!

  14. Ok so first of all it needs to be said that there are too many anonymous people on this site. Pick a name and go with it if you are going to voice your opinion.
    Second of all, to the last Anon who posted, do you know which site you are commenting on...it's called Robsten lovers and Robsten equals Rob and Kristen so there for, we all are all loving the vision of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart being together as a couple. Most of us don't know why we want them to be together, but we just do. There is nothing wrong "Rumoring as you put it" that they are together. It's not like we are making this little obsession public, it's just for us.
    They are...they aren't...they are just friends...they are lovers...who knows. What we do know is that we all found a common site called Robsten Lovers where we can come and dream of our favorite couple being together without anyone judging us, so don't come on here and try and ruin our fun and make others feel uncomfortable about voicing their opinions of Robsten as a couple.
    We all live VERY real lives every single day and it is nice to have a place where we can go and dream with others. If you want to join in.....pick a screen name and chime in, but don't come on here, anonymously at that, and make us Robsten lovin' girls feel bad about loving Robsten as a couple! Gawd.....makes me so mad!!

  15. Ummm tensions are running a bit high today!
    So I'm actually going to introduce myself.
    This is my first post today but I have previously been an anon because I thought you had to have a blog spot. So jessarae, I have a name now.... just for you :)
    I am not in my 20's. I've been posting for about a month now. I tend to send news links on the fly. I've worked in the entertainment industry and understand PR, so I also comment on that. I do a lot of investigation. But like all of you I see that special connection that brings us all here .... Robsten.

  16. To Jessarae
    You can dream about them being a couple. But stop speaking like they really are. Think about them. We are the ones who make them feel so tired and run away from people. We and tons of others. We ask them (directly or not, but we do) if they are or aren't a couple - IN fan letters, papps taking photos- because coming to sites (this is not exception) and seiing people so obssesed about two of them,make them so addicted to getting photo and journalists, fans making articles, rumors about their relationship. It actually does harm to them BOTH, speaking about that so loudly all the time - at first with public comments and ending with crazy fun girls getting Rob almost hit by Tax driver. Not everyone here is so peacefull like you or somebody else.
    It is a reaction. Everything put out loud about them - real or rumored, does affect them. Actually harm them.
    Just think about that
    ANd don't get angry, it is just opinion. Good luck to everyone!=)

  17. Welcome Billiegirl - thanks for the name. Hope you can give us insight to the crazy ways of the intertainment media - or what ever.
    Yes, we are here because of Rob and Kristin. Don't really know why we want them together in real life. I just think from everything that I have read, interviews and pictures together that they click and of course there is that obivious emotional chemistry between the two that makes cannot possible be just about the movie. Plus that I am a hopeless romantic at heart .
    So, if you don't like Rob and Kristin together don't comment or at least be nice!
    On another note: We have seen one picture of Kristin with Bella hair - ONE picture and we are already judging her. Let's all calm down about that people.
    I think we are all suffering from withdrawals when it comes to our Robsten. Maybe that is a clue that we need to back off and be balanced about all of this. I suffer from this obsession and I think I need to back off.
    Let's stick with the facts not fabricated heresay as well.

  18. Jessarae- LOVE YOU!! your comment kicked booty :-) and I couldn't agree more!!

    Though back to our speculating habits LOL, do you remember the shirt Kris wore to the photo shoot? Well for those that don't it was a shirt that had New York written on it heres a snap http://www.popsugar.com/3239252?page=0,0,13 and the reason she was there http://www.popsugar.com/3239252?page=0,0,20 a sexy photo shoot- no wonder Rob can't keep his eyes in his head :-)

  19. "Yes, we are here because of Rob and Kristin. Don't really know why we want them together in real life. I just think from everything that I have read, interviews and pictures together that they click and of course there is that obivious emotional chemistry between the two that makes cannot possible be just about the movie. Plus that I am a hopeless romantic at heart"

    Yes i agree with you too Kristin- Im a hopeless romantic at heart too and love is really all you need as the Beatles say.

  20. Robsten...I do not know if you like this vid but I really did.. please post it if you like it!!! thanks!!! ROBSTEN forever.
    My name is Sandra.

  21. Ok Anon, I see where you are coming from, but it comes with the territory. Rob and Kris are not the first couple or people to be obsessed over. The paps and crazy fans are going to do what they do reguardless of a little site called Robsten Lovers. My point to you was for you not to be a stick in the mudd. If you don't like what you are reading from the posters on this site, go check out Robsten haters of something. I'm all for the peace too but when you come on anonymously and post s#%t like that, on a site dedicated to the love of Robsten, what do you expect?
    Nice to meet you Billie Girl...thanks for the name ;o)
    I remember Alices Aunt yelling at me a few months back to get a name or a blog accunt ...lol... where has she been? Anyway, Kristin, I agree, lets stick with the facts....but ummmm what facts. None of us will ever know for a fact if Robsten is real until they come out and admit it. What do you mean by back off? Back off of what exactly... Robsten? I think we are all pretty calm and down to earth here at Robsten Lovers. It's a blog site for cryin out loud...that's what it's here for ;o)

  22. ROBSTEN FOREVER!!!!!!!!


  23. Netti, when Kristen was in NY? her hair is long so it seems before JJ filming..
    an the other pics.. she's fabulous.. Rob should be dazzled... :)


  24. I just need to get some things off my chest and ask all of you, if you ever feel guilty for this obsession over "Robsten?" Personally I would love to see them together because I love "love". I have watched all the videos and tried to decipher this for myself. However I am a fan of both of them as individuals and I'm starting to feel extremely bad for them.
    A.) They can't even have a private life and we are hugely to blame for that, as well as the media and the paps. They are actors that can't even go have coffee together without us getting all fired up.
    B.) With all the evidence that we have been presented with we still really don't know for sure what they are, were or ever will be.
    C.) The most obvious is all of this pressure that they are under.
    Let's imagine being a young actor and actress in Hollywood that became overnight successes and the immediate speculation and obsession of so many devoted fans who began loving them in their adaptation of our favorite Characters. Let’s all admit it our fandom started with S. Meyer’s wonderful saga.
    I do think that they are probably very close, probably best friends. They have had to work together very closely the past couple of years, do interviews, events, etc. I do believe that they care and probably love each other as people but we don’t know if they are in love, do we?!
    Kristen just got out of a relationship not too long ago, am I right? I think so. There is not a doubt in my mind that she is still hurting inside over her ex. No one gets over their first love that quickly even if it means moving on to our beloved Robert Pattinson. She was only 13 when she started dating him and they just broke up a couple of months ago.
    Rob is her friend first, has been her friend since they started this and can’t we admit that there were speculations of them being together while she was still with her boyfriend Michael. From real life experience how much pressure would that put on their relationship, if it is real? Kristen hates the media attention and speculation.
    Therefore this is why I feel bad about what has happened to them. I pray for them just want both of them to be happy and move on after this to do other projects. I would love for them to live happily ever after but most of all I want them to be happy in “REAL LIFE” whether that means them being the most attractive friendship of all time or coming out publicly as in having a real relationship. They are so YOUNG and this is probably so surreal for them. Let’s face it neither one can really have a “normal” life anymore. At least not for quite some time.
    I love this place, love the vids, love the Twilight news, etc. I just want us all to embrace that we still really don’t know and support the two young actors no matter what happens with them. That’s my 2 cents! 
    Oh and one more thing, when I think about why I care so much I can’t come up with a good answer. Truthfully what happens in their personal lives should not affect me so much. Should it you??

  25. Great post Anon. I think we all question the whole Robsten obsession from time to time. My feeling is, it really sucks for them right now if infact they are a couple, but they are the "in the moment" stars for the moment. Someone else will come along and steal their spotlight soon enough. If they are in a relationship, all we can do is hope that it can last through the craziness.
    I don't know though, this whole.. are they, aren't they thing might even be making their relationship even stronger. It's sneeky and sexy in a way and hopefully they both go to sights like ours and laugh about how silly we all are for loving their relationship so much.
    I know they both hate the spotlight, but this is what they chose to do and I can't see how they can hate to too bad. If they were in the spotlight like OJ or Michael Vick for example, then I can see their lives being torn apart from it, but I think they are going to be ok.
    I understand that we are all obsessed, but I don't feel that is necessiarily a bad thing either, it's harmless.
    When one of us starts posting about how we just got back from trying to break into Robsten's hotel room, then I will worry, but until then, I think we, as Robsten Lovers are going to be ok too ;o) Just my 2 cents, wait maybe I'm up to like 5 cents with posting today..lol.

  26. Oh...and I meant to tell Netti.....I think KStew gets the sex on a stick award for that photo shoot ;o) Love ya too girl!

  27. I'll introduce myself also as bouncingpom. I love this site because it tends to have more positive comments than some of the other sites I have seen. Why be a hater?
    I really think there is a ROBSTEN because they look so happy when they are together. Who really knows for sure. But they have brought some of my favorite fictional characters alive and seem to not be the standard Hollywood actors so I am pulling for them as people - for their happiness and for any relationship that may exist.
    As far as the media attention goes, I have learned which publications to instantly disregard (OK magazine for one). Although I wish they wouldn't be constantly followed, I admit to enjoying the stories. However, I think this past week is a better example of how it should be. We saw Rob on set and just one really tacky display of pap stalking (restaurant). I am ok with not seeing Rob and Kristen together. If they are a couple, I don't think this means they have broken up. In a way, it is a relief to not have to obsess over every photo.
    But I do hit the refresh button on this website much more than I would never admit. So I guess I can sum it all up by saying that I am obsessed even though I shouldn't be.

  28. TO Jassaera
    This will be the last post=) 1) I don't make a profile (or blog) because there is no need to give personal information for this. THere are only few comments from my side. 2)The next - I am not a RObsten hater as you say. Actually I am a Robsten fan, that's why I come here, to see whats new.3) What I was trying to say is - we shouldn't write comments where it is said or indicates that they for sure are a couple or they broke up. Or we shouldn't try to find out what shirt, laces wore Kris or Rob. It is a small thing trying to stop it, but you need to start somewhere, righ?? just to take a bit preassure from them.4) YOu can't say that all here are calm, it isn't..believe 5)I will come to this site, cause I thought this site is for all who want to find information and knews about RP and KS. About them both, not only bout one of them. Just for info. I am not a hater, this site is great! 6) and to 2:26 = nice said!!

  29. Sandra, she was in LA she was at a photo shoot. She was wearing a New York shirt but a handsome British guy was in NY ;-)

    as for feeling guilty. no. I don't hound them. i don't stalk them (except on the internet, separating fact from fiction). I don't run up to them and flash them 100 times a minute with a camera or jump all over them making them extremely uncomfortable. However there are people in the world that do that. hell there are people that call Rob Edward when hes not even in character!! I can safely say im not a delusional fan. I have nothing but the utmost respect and adoration for the 2 actors who brought my fave characters to life and they did it soo well.

    Anon 2.26, I completely see where you are coming from though but nothing will change unless you stop the stalkers, the paps and the media for all the re-runned articles and BS they print.

    Anon 2.52, i know we shouldn't speculate but when you see certain things you can't help it :-). Your wondering if they're really trying to communicate something throught their actions.

  30. oh Jessarae she was sex on a stick for sure!!!!! my fave shoot of her so far.

  31. One thing I know: If we, the fans, quit buying the creepy rags, going to websites we know are sleezy and usually lie, maybe, just maybe we could see all the media hipe die down about these 2. Course, I think Rob and Kristin might just be on to something: Remain hidden, not seen together, and the paps have to go elsewhere to make their money. Maybe this is all planned eh?
    I really and honestly think they are more than best friends. I have no real proof, oh there are pictures, recent ones we have seen - the concert, the hotels, Rob leaving with Kristin after that Teen show - and they won't talk about it meaning their relationship at all which says volumns. But, yeah we really don't have the most important proof: PDF or them actually saying as much.
    I am suffering from withdrawal for sure so I go back and check youtube for more neat stuff - pathetic I know. Or I'll just go back and read the books again, darn my Eclipse is lent out to a very slow reader!
    Oh and 2:26 I know I would get over a former boyfriend really fast if he started acting really strange - dressing and trying to look like Rob. I personally think Kristin fought her feelings for a long time when it came to Rob so her sudden breakup was probably happening over a long period of time.

  32. See above I meant PDA - public display of affection. (headache here)

  33. whew, lot's of insights today. New posts with 30+ comments already?

    Yes, we love Rob and Kristen together just like we love them individually as actors. I agree to everyone that maybe its because we are just "romantic at heart" and thus it put a smile in our faces and touch our little hearts to see (or dream we see) love unfolding before our eyes. No one can deny the magic it brings when these two people we adore look at each other, right? So whether or not they really are a couple or not, we can dream that they are to satisfy our little hearts. I dont think it's a crime!

    So keep on dreaming and let us all be happy and pray it comes true!

  34. Hi Netti.. thanks for the clarification.. I wondering that Kris was there at same time than Rob but I was not sure. Thanks!!! :)


  35. Kristen, I totes agree with you regarding getting over her former bf really fast. We may not know how KStew's r/ship with Mr. Oregano was, but it was likely that she was fighting her feelings for Rob...in an interview KStew was asked about her r/ship with Rob and she stated that she acquired a bbf and that meant more than anything to her. Maybe she woke up one day and realized that she could have a bbf and lover in Rob! go ROBSTEN!!! squeeeeeeeeeee!

  36. oh and apparently I am brain dead today, I meant *bff*

  37. I love Kristens mullet.
    I love her normal hair.
    I love her Bella wig.

    ..but I love Kristen with long extensions.


  38. Thanks, anon at 1:52 for the link. Just watch it and all I can say is O-M-G!!!

    Cmon you guys go and watch 10min of Rob's hotness through this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ygoyTIrIVe8

    Kristen is just so lucky!!!

  39. A point of view:
    Many of you are aware that as of Aug 17 (coincidently the start of Eclipse filming) Eric Kops from ID took over the promotion and PR campaign for the Twilight saga. IMO, there are many reasons this came about. First no one, esp. Summit, expected this little low budget indie film to hit the stratosphere. But it did and now there a whole different dragon that has to be “managed”. I actually like Mr. Kops’ resume, he is very pro actor and that is a good thing. The change was inevitable from a $$ standpoint. Second, there is an art to information release, baiting speculations, and familiarity; it’s all in the branding. Perceived image is everything and it all can be manipulated for the all mighty dollar. Thirdly, and this may be where Mr. Kops might fall short, is the rapid information flow today with the internet i.e. blogs like this one, twitter, etc. Kops is old school and has A LOT of syndicate connections but I’m sure he has assembled a young savvy team that will attempt to monitor our perceptions online. I say monitor because, we are a very good indicator of voice. As we’ve all noticed in the last few weeks we are suffering a bit of a drought, so to speak. Things are not quite as they seem. There is coaching, re-branding, and some head-butting going on, not to mention a bit of papz break. A change is gonna come.

    How this relates to our favorite couple:
    Kristen Stewart is girl with some conviction (love it, love her) she grew up seeing the ins and outs of Hollywood and gives most of it the proverbial finger. Robert Pattinson our favorite shy- boy-lost has always walked to his own beat but if you remember he just recently decided to pursue acting with his heart. Rewind -Praise be to Catherine Hardwick for noticing that connection. Kristen, I’m pretty sure will go with the flow as long as she is in no way tread upon. There may be some of that treading going on now. Hopefully her team is fully in tune with her wishes but can still have her back and not their pocketbook in the fore thought. If not, Kristen, give me call. :)

    Our man Mr. Pattinson is a different story. They branded and labeled him eye candy from the beginning (and why not, he really is LOL) but he is an artist and all that that entails. Pairing with Kristen is probably one of the best things that ever happened to him. I think he has found an intensity and passion for his art; and I think Kristen brought that out in him. I think we may see a bit more finger flipping.

    Now the molding of both of these talented and very artistic people can be somewhat of a head-banger for PR folks that “handle”. I am hopeful Mr. Kops can run a campaign that not only lets our stars breathe a bit, making them happy, but can manage them without “handling” them. Artists tend not to like the business end of things as long as they can be somewhat understood. Tread lightly Mr. Kops.

    There is a fine line with a dragon of a franchise like this. An analogy would be somewhat like winning the lottery. You are given the choice to cash out with ½ or get steady payments for long term. Before you choose long term and you were really, really smart you’d find out where the remainder was being invested that it didn’t compromise your convictions.

  40. hmmm my last sentence is missing some words....

    Before you choose long term and if you were really, really smart I'd find out where the remainder was being invested and that it didn't compromise your convictions.


  41. Hi guys,

    I am a Robsten fan and one of the things I like in this site is that it is mostly visited by fans of Robsten and people that believe that Robsten are together and in love. But I don't like the reaction here every now and then to people saying that they don't believe that Robsten exists, or that there is enough proof to support it. I definitely believe there is more than enough proof to support Robsten but people are entitled to post on this blog even if they have doubts and they don't need to keep apologizing for having a different opinion.

  42. I agree with anon 5:10 pm. People are entitled to post in case they don't believe in Robsten and of course they are entitled even more to post that Robsten are together. There is more than enough proof the two are together. I guess, Since Rob is divine, Kristen may seem a little too lucky since she is just a mere mortal, event though a wonderful one, but if anybody deserves Rob, it is she.

  43. lucky Kristin!!! kissing that gorgeous , ultrageous Rob !!! wow!!!!! lucky her!!! happy her!!! :)

  44. Billiegirl- you know your stuff there. You mentioned above you were in the entertainment business, thanks for your input. I remember reading that the PR team has been shuffled. I wonder how this effects things, is that a possibility of why we haven't seen our fave duo out and about? interesting....

  45. robsten is still happening and will happen for as long as eternity goes on.....hahahah

  46. Kristin is really lucky and even though I am a 50 years old Robsten fan, and in general like her a lot, even love her sometimes, every now and then I get jealous at her. Not because I want him now but because it still doesn't seem fair than one girl, though a beautiful and talented one, has this god like creature doting on her. I am fine though a long as I don't watch too many videos of Rob, and I suggest to all of you that feel a little to obsessed with Rob: don't watch the video clips. As long as you only read about him, it is easier to keep sane. Watching him is just too dangerous for our sanity: he is just too charming, humble, vulnerable, witty, beautiful, real, etc! I feel best when I hear she loves him and treat him well though

  47. Billiegirl: thanks for the comments. Yes, I agree, Kristin is a fingerflipper (love it). Seems that she will do whatever movie she feels passionate about even if it is not a big hollywood production - good for her. Rob, I feel the same about him. If you were following a long time ago, he resisted the media training and has said that he would do a film only if he loved the script, he didn't care who directed or if it ended up being a little film. So, I think he too is finger flipping. I just hope his manager is really looking out for his wellfare and not the big$$$$$$$ that he could bring in.
    Because of Twilight, I have grown to really care about the cast and I mean all of them. But of course especially Rob and Kristin. I hope they can weather all of this crap and come out a head on THEIR own terms and in control of their destiny.

  48. wow worked all day just got back and couldnt wait to read the comments. So its been a busy day at robstenlovers. Glad it seem we all kissed and made up so to speak. lol.
    your welcome ana.as always love reading jessarae comments and netti comments. billiegirl thats was very interesting. All I know is that I love rob and kristen and Im a huge fan of them both. I think that there the first real actors in along time. I love them as a couple. Ijust wish them well .I dont feel guilty cause I dont stalk them or scream at them . I just wish them well and all the best in there future from behind my computer. I think this site is what being a real fan is all about.

  49. Wow...a style alert created all this?? I'll comment by saying KStew always looks great in my own opinion. I love the fact that she's more comfy in a pair of jeans then in the latest fashion. She's a real down-to-earth kind of girl and that's why we love her.

    Okay, I was MIA the whole weekend because of my NASCAR race, where I saw Patrick Dempsey!! I was just trying to find out what happened this weekend when I stumbled on this. I just have to add my voice.

    I found this site through Twitter and fell in love with it. We believe in Robsten, simple as that. I don't think there are any real explanations as to why we do but we do. Maybe it's because we want to see them both happy, maybe it's just because we want to see them live the love story we so love in the books. Could be a lot of things.

    What I don't like is being called a fool because of my beliefs. I don't think it's fair to any of the posters here. I don't stalk them and you know what? If I were to see them somewhere, I'd probably just be too shy to go up and talk to them.

    As for Kristen and getting over her bf quickly? I was in a relationship for 10 years and when I decided it was over, I got over it real quick. Remember, he had been her first relationship and the girl he met became a woman who could decide what she wanted in her life and her bed.

    I'll end by saying that you guys her at the site do a great job and keep up the good work!! :-)

  50. Isabelle- lucky you!!! did you get an autograph or pic??

    alrighty im going to post this fanfic again, it is unbelievable, seriously. please at least one of you read it and tell me what you think. to be honest- i still can't get over it, it is that amazing, be warned though it is very very addictive and 52 chapters long but well worth the read. http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5199531/1/Beyond_Twilight

  51. wow! sure missed a lot yesterday. and what's my reason for not being able to visit here yesterday? well not being able to go online yesterday...i was reading ECLIPSE for the thousandth time ;)
    anyway, i love this site too because of the fact that i am a 1,000,000% robsten lover :)

  52. http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5199531/1/Beyond_Twilight

    If your needing a fix and something semi-twilight related and well completely Robsten related read this :-)

  53. thanks Netti! it's just like reading the real thing as it happens. :)

  54. I just waved because he was busy working on his car but I had met him a few years ago again at the racetrack. Going to read the fic now!

  55. Netti, thanks I am going to pull up "Beyond Twilight" tonight and start reading.
    I need something to read that will fill the void!

  56. First this is a great site with all things positive for Robsten. I've never commented before but just had to say it's nice to see mostly positive comments like this. I'm a little obsessed with Robsten only because I see so much out there between them but they are keeping it - as they should - so private. I only wish the best for them and in my heart I know they are together and selfishly I wish there was something that can't be refuted that says they are together. As for the latest gossip saying they are just hooking up, I find that to be disrespectful and just wrong. I think there's a lot more than that but I can't substantiate that and that's frustrating. BTW that Beyond Twilight fanfic is written very well with respect for Robsten.