Hello Hottie Alert: Get Your Rob Fix Here!

Well, hello hottie...nice to meet you. Rob covers the latest issue of Australian OK mag. Those eyes, the scruff, and the hair, all in black and white...speechless.


  1. Hello Indeed, Lol. I love the B&W cover-it's so atypical to most tabloid covers..

  2. the term "hottie" is an understatement .
    that picture is one of the many i really can't stop staring at 0__0

  3. i love rob in the new vanity fair but he looks very attractive anyway.

  4. that picture is so... WOW! I don't have words for it. Robert is so PERFECT! ..*sigh*
    Look at those eyes.. and yeah, me too.. can't stop staring at this picture..

  5. I love y'all...but I am more in love with any black and white picture of Rob! (Or any picutre where those eyes are the main focus!)

    Thank you for my daily Rob fix, I need it as much as I need caffeine!