Fall Has It All!

" Thrillers, chillers, comedies and more, it's open season on the big screen!"

"Fall is traditionally when Hollywood puts away its toys and unpacks the Oscar bait. But with audiences showing little appetite for anything but effects-driven escapism and low-brow laughs, is it any wonder the next few months are thick with crowd-pleasers, thrillers, chillers and comedies? Here then are 10 of the big releases from now until mid-November when the U.S. Thanksgiving weekend kicks off the holiday movie season. But that's a preview for another ENT. One word of caution: all release dates are tentative."



"Adored by "Twi-hards" and loathed by the guys who date them, this franchise about the romance between a sex-abstaining vampire and mortal teen may never match the box office heights of The Dark Knight or Transformers, but it doesn't have to. Do the math: last year's Twilight cost $40 million and grossed $400 million worldwide. So while it probably won't win any new converts, expect it to be the season's top money-maker. As the deliriously faithful already know, this second chapter begins with Edward (Robert Pattinson) dumping Bella (Kristen Stewart). Distraught, she finds comfort with her childhood friend Jacob (Taylor Lautner). Did we mention he's part of a tribe of wolf people (although apparently not the Mexican circus kind)? Although Summit Entertainment bungled when it replaced Canadian Rachelle Lefevre with Bryce Dallas Howard in next summer's Eclipse, no one expects the controversy to take much of a bite out of this sequel's box office haul. (Nov. 20)."

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  1. I would say it will make more money and win a bigger audience. The books got moch more popular outside the US after the movie was released.

  2. I wonder if it will make more money than the other movies in 2009.
    new moon might even get more people to like the saga just like what twilight did last year.

  3. Yeah,,, I believe that phenomeno will grow far from twilight..


  4. Hell yeah.. I am not a US citizen nor do i live in the US... but we are waiting in anticipation for NEW MOON :P And i keep seeing pple reading books from the twilight saga...everywhere i go, in the trains, at the bus stops etc. Twi hard fans are everywhere in my country... Its gonna be a blockbuster :)) You can bet your money on it !