How I met Peter Facinelli **Updated**

**Updated** Here's a pic of the awesome security guard who thought my daughter was adorable. Read below for this to make sense.


2:45pm: Load of the mom-mobile (aka my 2008 Chrysler Town and Country mini van) with KDub1, KDub2, KDub3 (sister with the same initials) Eden (my 6 month old daughter) and Lexx, (KDub1's 19 month old daughter). It was a girls trip...as it should be.

Destination: Melrose Ave, Los Angeles.

Mission: Meet Peter Facinelli.

Mission Accomplished.

Despite Mapquest telling us it would take an hour to get there, we got there in 45 minutes even with a little traffic on the way. It was smooth sailing.

We weren't surprised to pull up and find a line, but it wasn't too bad and he was going to be there for 3 hours signing autographs.

KDub 2 and 3 got out to stand in line while KDub1, the lil girls and I found parking. We got a spot only a block away, loaded up the single stroller with Eden and the double with Lexxie and our diapers bags stuffed with cameras and Twilight books to have signed.

We sat in line just around an hour or so and it went fast because of ridiculous conversation going on between us. It was also helpful when we befriended a security guard who thought my daughter was adorable. Shortly after making friendly with the guard guy, an Affliction store employee and another guard walk over and ask if we want to go straight into the store because Peter didn't want babies waiting in line.

This was the highlight of our trip, second only to meeting Peter himself. It literally saved us well over an hour standing in line. What made it funnier was that earlier, I had mentioned that I should take the baby with me to all Twilight events because her cute face could open doors that otherwise wouldn't have been open. Obviously, I was right.

Peter signed and gave one of these to everyone there.

Because there were so many people, he couldn't do "posed" photos, but we were allowed to take pics of him while we waited for autographs.

He is just as nice as you would imagine him being.

Signing autographs for fans.

When I walked up for my turn, he said "I didn't want babies waiting outside in the sun." and then he said to me. "You're baby is so cute!" and he told KDub1's daughter, Lexxie "Hi, sweet baby!"

He also signed our copies of Twilight.

My daughter, Eden. Our ticket to the front of the line.

On our way to the signing, we drove past Paramount Studios and a life size Bumble Bee from Transformers was outside. Cool huh?!

Quotes from today: (I'll leave them anonymous because it would embarrass a particular KDub since she said 98% of them)

-"I'm going to default that shit!" (about a pic of her and Peter going on her facebook page)
-"This is so going on Facebook!!!!" (yelling to the crowd still standing in line after getting our autographs...like they cared....they were strangers).
- "I feel like I'm on top of the world"
-"I'm unstoppable"
- "I'm having such an adrenaline rush right now" (after having met Peter. This was repeated several times by more than one of us for well over an hour after meeting him.)
-"Cute babies open doors that otherwise would not have been open"
- "Did I say it or did I say it????" (about being moved to the front of the line after making the above statement)
-"E.L.E.N.A. It's hard to spell" (This was all I could spit out to Peter Facinelli. I felt like an idiot afterwards)
-"Posting these pics on the blog is going to give me so much street cred, it's not even funny)

And that's my story. I hope you enjoyed it. It's seriously the most fun I've had in I don't know how long.



  1. I'm so glad we all were able to get together and accomplish our mission. I can't wait for our next Twilight adventure...whatever it will be! We were "unstoppable" today! :)

  2. I still feel pumped full of adrenaline.


  3. I am feeling very unstoppable still and I am still on cloud 9...today was GREAT!!!

  4. EEEEEKKKKKKK!!!!!!! You ROCK! total street cred, girl! Thanks so much for sharing with me!

  5. That security guard was awesome! I had so much fun today. Thank you again for taking us! :)

  6. I'm still pumped too! Seriously...today could not have been better. Everything worked in our favor. You definitely have street cred in my book!!!

  7. YAY I have street cred. Holla!!!!

  8. E, you are totally LEGIT! hehe that is awesome!! peter seems so sweet! and your baby is a cutie!!

  9. Seriously??? I am in the hospital for two days and I am innocently checking our blog and this is what happens??? WTF??? I am sooooooooo proud of you E!!! I cannot believe this!!! I will never burst an organ again!!!!

    xoxoxo kate

  10. Lucky you!!!
    P.S. Your daughter is seriously cute! Love those chubby cheeks!

  11. OK, here's a weird tidbit I left out of the story. When it was my turn to go up to see Peter, a store employee took my camera so she could take pics while I was at the table. She's the one who took the picture of the baby. Kinda strange huh? Maybe it's just me. I thought it was unusual.

  12. Oh, he is really gorgeous! And how nice of him to make you and your baby pass the line and I admire the courtesy of that security guard. Bristol is my new home now that makes me miss a lot of Twilight activities there. I wish I could go back and forth each time there is a Twilight event.